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True Proof calculates the true proof of a water-alcohol mixture at a reference temperature, using the measured apparent proof from a hydrometer reading and the temperature at the time of the reading.

True Proof also performs gauging calculations, and can calculate dilutions taking full account of the temperature-dependent nonideal mixing of water and alcohol.

Calculations are logged, and may be annotated and emailed for archiving.

Multiple units support large-scale distillers and hobby-scale distillers alike, in the US and abroad: concentration measurement in proof, ABV, or density ; temperature in °F or °C; abundance in US gallon, liter, pound, kg, US ton, or metric tonne, etc.

The reference temperature can be selected for US (60ºF) or international (20ºC), or any other value in the range [-20ºC,40ºC]. The instrument thermal expansivity can be selected, which enables application to vibrating tube densitometers in addition to hydrometers.

Two separate computational models are employed - one based on the (US) TTB gauging manual, and one based on OIML (UK, EU, Canada, etc) data. The computer model is limited in temperature and proof range to that spanned by government standard tables.

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