SignalScope Basic 2020

SignalScope Basic 2020

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SignalScope Basic 2020 offers a basic tool set to meet your measurement and analysis needs as an engineer, consultant, educator, student, researcher, or savvy hobbyist in areas such as acoustics (sound and vibration), audio, electronics, and electroacoustics.

- Analyze signals coming from the Mac or iOS device’s current audio input device.
- Assign engineering units to your input signals and calibrate external transducers for accurate measurements.
- Assign input channel units and sensitivities for individual USB Audio devices.
- Direct support for Digiducer digital accelerometers and 485B39 USB ICP signal conditioner from The Modal Shop.
- Direct support for miniDSP UMIK-1 measurement microphone and EARS headphone/IEM measurement system.
- Nominal acoustic sensitivities included for iPhone and iPad built-in microphones, voltage sensitivities for headset input (including the Lightning-to-headset adapter included with recent iPhone models)
- Manually switch between available audio input sources.
- Load microphone frequency response data (FRD) and apply frequency response correction (FRC) to FFT-based measurements.
- Manually adjust audio sample rates, even up to 192 kHz, depending on input hardware.
- Save acquired measurement data to CSV, tab-delimited ASCII text, or MAT files.
- Save high-resolution analyzer display images to PDF files.
- Retrieve your data files from your device via Files (iCloud Drive), iTunes File Sharing, or through a web browser on another device. Files may also be opened in other compatible apps (e.g. Mail, Notes, Numbers, Dropbox, etc).

Basic Tools:
- Oscilloscope - Basic oscilloscope and triggering functions.
- FFT Analyzer - Spectrum analyzer with user-settable frequency limits and basic triggering
- 2D Real-time Spectrogram Analyzer
- XY Plotter - Create Lissajous curves on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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SignalScope Basic 2020 will receive major upgrades, consistent with those available in the SignalScope X Basic Tool Set subscription, through calendar year 2021, after which it will receive maintenance updates for a limited time. It can be used indefinitely thereafter on a compatible version of iOS.

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What's New

- The FFT Analyzer tool now includes support for exponential, force, and force exponential windows.
- A graph of the data window shape can now be seen in the newly enhanced data window selection menu.
- Exponential window decay and force window length can be adjusted in the data window selection menu.
- It is now possible to set the maximum display frequency in the FFT tool options menu up to 500 kHz.
- Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.

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