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The Homebrewing Calculator
This is a simplistic (not necessarily simple) calculator I developed for brewing beer at home. I use it to get estimates on strike water quantity/temperature, making gravity measurements (and adjusting hydrometer readings for the measurement temperature) and determining malt/water additions to help me hit my target gravity.

Please visit for any questions, concerns or to see the equations that I'm using.

- Strike water quantity and temperature estimation for a single infusion mash
- Mash efficiency calculation
- Hydrometer temperature adjustments
- Estimation of wort volume after boil
- Original gravity estimation
- Calculates adjustments (added water, malt) needed to hit target gravity
- ABV and attenuation calculations with OG and FG information
- Settings: Plato/specific gravity, Imperial/metric, evaporation rate

Notes about version 1.0
* Initial release to the app store

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What's New

* Added refractometer correction for final gravity. Switch to "Brix" mode in the settings and HBCalc will use refractometer corrections to calculate ABV and specific gravity.
* Added some audible feedback when pressing buttons. This can be disabled in the settings.
* Added a splash screen.
* The app now remembers the last tab used.
* Evaporation rate can be specified in percent of volume or absolute amount of volume in the settings.
* Fine tuning for some of the equations, specifically for temperature correction and ABV calculation.
* Fixed an egregious error when calculating gravity corrections for temperature when using degrees Plato.
* User's guide in PDF form available at

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