Pitch Grips - A Training App

Pitch Grips - A Training App

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To be a great hitter you need to know what pitch the pitcher is throwing. You only have moments to see the grip the pitcher is using and if you can train yourself to recognize the different grips then you can wait for the pitch you want to swing at and not be flailing away at balls in the dirt.

The app shows you a picture of a particular pitch grip for a split second and then asks you to identify the pitch.

For hitters who are just starting out you can fully customize the number and type of pitches and the handedness and arm slot of the pitcher or for advanced hitters you can allow any pitch, both right and left handers and every arm slot. The speed at which the pitch is displayed is also independently customizable.


**Fully customizable pitch selection.

**Pitches include: Fastball, Curveball, Change Up, Cut Fastball, Forkball, Four Seam Fastball, Two Seam Fastball, Palmball, Sinker, Slider, and Split Fingered Fastball.

**View pitches from right handed or left handed pitchers. or randomized between both.

**The pitch arm slot is also customizable between overhand, 3/4 and sidearm or a mix of all three.

**The time that the pitch is displayed for is also fully customizable allowing you to decrease the time the pitch is displayed as your skill increases and making the same app work for both little and big leaguers.

The customization options let you prepare for a specific pitcher's style or hone in problem areas or raise your awareness of pitch grips to the level of instinct.

Regardless of your skill level this app can help you improve your pitch recognition. With repetition you can make train yourself to instinctively recognize pitch grips in a fraction of a second.

The app is a great tool for players, coaches, and parents. Improved skills make the game of baseball more fun and with this personal training tool you can train wherever you are, waiting for the bus to go to school, riding the bus in the minors or relaxing in your hotel during a nine game road trip in the show.

There are no in-app purchases or ads. Pitch Grips is a universal app that works on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and is optimized for both retina display and the iPhone 5.

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