Obsidian - OTP Authenticator

Obsidian - OTP Authenticator

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Meet Obsidian

Obsidian is a simple and secure 2 Factor Authenticator (2FA) app for both iOS and MacOS.
It manages TOTP and HOTP tokens for the most famous services (e.g. Google, Instagram, Binance, Kraken, Amazon and more)

Security first

Obsidian is built on top of the iCloud Keychain, the most secure place in your device.
Your data are never transferred nor stored anywhere else.

Why Apple Sign-In?

Apple Sign-In allows Obsidian to transfer the Obsidian Fusion subscription among different Operating Systems (iOS vs MacOS).

What is OTP?

OTP stands for One Time Password, it usually represent a tokens that refreshes every 30 seconds and is requested by systems upon signing in to a new device.
This means that even if an attacker steals your password for your Instagram account he/she will not be able to use it.
Obsidian will keep you safe in case you get hacked.

Coming from Google Authenticator?

Obsidian features a way to import your data from Google Authenticator.
From the the Google app generate the QRCode to export your data and scan it with Obsidian.

Why should I use Obsidian when I already have a password manager?

If you have a password manager like 1Password, LastPass or Dashlane you are off to a great start, but it’s always best to separate your 2FA tokens from your passwords, for the same reason you don’t keep your Credit Card and Pin in the same wallet.

What features does it offer?

Here is a list of the features included in Obsidian:
• iCloud Keychain storage
• iCloud Keychain sharing / sync (across all your devices)
• TOTP & HOTP support
• Base32 secrets support
• Multiple Themes
• Backups, so you can always restore an older version of your tokens
• TouchID & FaceID
• Super-easy copy on Clipboard
• Automatic setup via QR Code

Terms of Service: https://obsidianapp.io/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy: https://obsidianapp.io/privacy-policy

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What's New

Changelog for v6.2.2:
- Improved quality checks on manual input of new tokens
- Improved copy on modals
- Minor bug fixes

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