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FontSieve embeds web fonts! FontSieve is an app for web developers and designers that enable you to embed a compact subset of a font directly in your HTML5 web page. You can use it to create custom headlines, banners, and other static text using any TrueType or OpenType font installed on your Mac and be confident that it will load in any modern desktop and mobile browser that supports HTML5.

FontSieve has the following benefits over other webfont services:

• Flexible: almost any font installed on your Mac can be embedded as a subset in your web page
• Compact: FontSieve's subsetting engine eliminates all the unused parts of the font that are not used by the text being displayed, which drastically reduces the size of the data that needs to be sent.
• No 3rd-party services: various free web font services are limited in that they require multiple additional web connections, which slow down the loading of the page and often prevent the text from rendering at all until the service has sent down the entire font.

The following browsers have been verified to render the webfonts created by FontSieve:

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+
• Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile 10.0+
• Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
• Mozilla Firefox Android 26.0+
• Google Chrome 5.0+
• Google Chrome Android 32.0+
• Google Android Browser 4.4+ (2.2+ when disabling WOFF compression)
• Apple Safari Mac 5.1+
• Apple Safari iOS 5.0+
• Opera 11.1+
• Opera Mobile 11.0+
• Blackberry Browser 7.0+
• iBooks 2.0+

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