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Revolution 60

Revolution 60

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Revolution 60 is a breakthrough game for iOS, using the strength of the touch interface to tell an intense, movie-length story. It features gorgeous animations using the Unreal Engine and has gameplay that is accessible to the casual iOS user. It is fully voice acted, and lovingly animated with a cast of complex, strong female characters.

The press has called Revolution 60, "Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect." Players will control Holiday, a trained assassin using intuitive gestures with the touchscreen. Your mission is to regain control of the orbital weapons platform N313. Make your choices and accept the consequences.

Revolution 60 also has an intuitive yet deep combat system, designed for the touch screen. Players will battle on a grid, and strike when the moment is right with cinematic moves. Players of all skill levels can enjoy the combat of R60.

For best performance, we strongly recommend upgrading your device to the latest iOS version, and minimizing background apps while running. Revolution 60 supports the iPad 2 and all later models, the iPhone 4S and all later models, and the iPod Touch 5th gen. Support can be found at

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What's New

- Revolution 60 now runs iPhone 6 and 6+. Many cupcakes died to bring you this feature 24 hours after it was announced.
- Revolution 60 now supports iOS 8! Stop emailing me.
- So many people complained that [Reference not found] died, I made Amanda animate an ending possibility where she lives. Like a BOSS.
- Crimson learned Asimov's laws of robotics and now feels very bad.
- Extra, secret scenes in the storage room with barrels, the most thrilling Revolution 60 set!
- After three weeks of #gamergate nonsense, the women on the dev team were lifted to new levels of faith in humanity.


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