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Physics 21 Pro - Blackjack

Physics 21 Pro - Blackjack

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Combining BlackJack with 2D physics to provide you a way to play BlackJack like never before! In this Pro version of the game, you have the option to play various Complete Deck Modes or Timed Modes as you level up and unlock more game play modes. To help you with each hand of blackjack, there are also various inventory items that will be under your control. Review: 4/5 "Play Blackjack As Never Before In Physics 21 HD"


-How do I play this game?
Game concept is pretty simple, that is to make as many Blackjacks as possible using the three buckets you have available in the game. You shoot the cards to buckets by touching on the bucket you wish and it will shoot using a physics game engine. There are 3 ways to clear a bucket;
1. Blackjack: This is when you have 2 cards one of which is an Ace card and the other a face card like King, Queen, Jack or a 10
2. 21: This is when you complete the bucket count to 21 with more than 2 cards. An example would be 10, 6 and a 5.
3. When you have 6 cards in 1 bucket. There is a bucket counter in each bucket that will let you know when it is getting full. When the bucket gets full without busting, it will clear and give you credit even if your bucket doesn't add up to 21. Example would be 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 2.

-What is Complete Deck Mode?
In this game mode you will be able to play a complete deck of cards without worrying about Time. Your goal is to get the highest score you can given a single, double, or triple deck.

-What is Timed Mode?
In this game mode you will be racing against time to clear as many buckets as you can. There are 3 modes of game play;
1. Beginner: You will have 60 seconds of game play with additional seconds rewarded for clearing buckets
2. Novice: You will have 60 seconds but no additional time will be rewarded. Your score is doubled in this game.
3. Expert: You only have 30 seconds with no additional time rewarded. Score is tripled.

-How do I level up?
10% of your score from each play will get added to a running total located at the top of your screen. You can monitor how far you are away from leveling up via (current Points/ Points To Level Up) indicator. Example: (4500/5000) means you need 500 more points to reach next level.

-What are the inventory items?
Start Spinners: This inventory item will start all the off bucket spinners as well as unlocking "next card" if it is locked. More spinners means higher score.

Wild Card: This is the wild card option that will complete any bucket to 21 as well as starting the spinner for that bucket.

Dismiss Card: This inventory item will dismiss the card to be played.

-How can I use inventory items?
You can use inventory items simply by tapping on the icon located right side of the screen. You can only use items when it is green and the inventory count is greator than 0. When you are out of an inventory item, the icon will turn red disabling the button.

-My inventory says "Out of Stock", what do I do now?
You can add more inventory items via Store button located at the bottom of Inventory List.

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