Majesty of Colors Remastered

Majesty of Colors Remastered

iOS Universal Games

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In "(I Fell In Love With) The Majesty of Colors," you are an enormous creature from beneath the ocean who has never seen the surface. What will you do with this world of humans? Can you survive? Will they?

- Multiple endings based on your actions
- Short playthroughs that play out differently depending on your choices
- Graphics, physics, interactability, and sound remastered from the original Flash -
- Accessibility features to help legibility

"Last night I had a dream.

"I floated in darkness, immense, squamous. My mind flowed like my body, slowly and sinuously, tremendous wheels both too slow and too fast for me to describe to you now.

"I was perfect, and titanic, and serene. But then, as I moved through the cold abyss, I saw a light. And as I came near, I saw something... wonderful."

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What's New

You can now:

* Interfere with the safe flying of the airplane
* Customize the narration text speed
* Skip narration text on repeated plays
* Jostle the fishing boat
* Feel the world get a little dimmer each time you're injured as the monster

We also fixed a few bugs, so we regret to inform you that you can no longer accidentally fling the jetski rider wildly while drowning them.

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