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Angry Bomb

Angry Bomb

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Hateful terrorists and green extraterrestrial are going to destroy the Solar System together.Brave bomb brothers unite to a strong team, and destroy the conspiracies of terrorists.

But the terrorists are very strong, who are not conquered fully only by bomb brothers,so we would detonated powerful TNT BOX or Atomic bomb to destroy the terrorists.

After escaping to the space,the terrorists will join in the large extraterrestrial team,their strength is stronger. Green extraterrestrial drive the advanced UFO, which is a big threat for bomb brothers,and they also have stronger UFO aircraft carrier. When UFO aircraft carriers are attacked to a certain extent, they will split to many small UFOs, Only driving away the green extraterrestrial from UFO, our bomb brothers could destroy them. In many cases,only depending on bomb brothers is not enough to hit the big opponents, in necessity, we would rather detonate the moon, the earth ,the sun,but not let them fall into the terrorists and green extraterrestrial.

Lets join together,to destroy all terrorists.

Checkpoints description:
kill all terrorists and boring green extraterrestrial in every points.

Bomb description:there are three kinds of bomb,
1. Power bomb, is very powerful, and very large range of killing.
2. Spring bomb,is not very powerful,but it can catapult back and forth like a spring. In many cases,they are very useful.
3. Split bomb, should be detonated in the air! And then split to numerous small bombs, the power is very large.Please remember, you should hit it in the air within your figures, and will detonate, otherwise,it will not split and explosion.

Operating description:
1. Providing a certain number of bombs in every points, when the bombs are ran out,the points is over;
2.the bombs are automatically placed on the launch vehicle,sliding the bomb with your figure and then releasing, the bomb is launched;
3. there should be impact force ,the bomb could be explored,otherwise,the bomb is dumb;
4. the split bomb will explode when your figure hit it in the air. If it run any other objects in the air, it will not explode!

Version description: Version 1.01

This version includes three scenes,every scene contains twenty-four points;
the first is the suburb scene,starting to find a few terrorists and green extraterrestrial;
the second is the city scene, hiding large terrorists and green extraterrestrial;
the third is space scene, there are all extraterrestrial;

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