100 imagins - Reveal the picture, find hidden words & guess right

100 imagins - Reveal the picture, find hidden words & guess right

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Guess the word!

4 words you guess correctly, you can spin the wheel of fortune and collect
the coins that you will need to uncover the next image.
4 words you guess incorrectly you DON'T get a minus point or anything bad (:
DON'T just guess! The unambiguous Pics helps which hide behind some tiles.
You have to click on the tiles to make parts of the pics visible.

Try to guess the right word without reveal too much tiles because the more tiles you reveal the more coins you have to pay to reveal another tile.
If you placed all letters but in the wrong chronology, you get informed about that by a sound.
It is possible to form more than 1 word with the letters you get, but there is only 1 correct word to solve the riddle.
But don't panic: In this minigame its also possible to buy the right letter for little coin-price.
In every level you have the range between more letters than you need to
solve the riddle (to make it harder for you to solve the riddle).
But even here you don`t have to overuse your brain because you can delete the wrong letters just by clicking on a button if you left some coins.
Just press the button as often as necessary to get to the next level without too much problems.

The wheel of fortune can give you up to 100 coins per spin. If you are clever enough it may be enough to for you to solve the next riddle.
If you are clever but you just want to have fun then you can just buy some coins. Sometimes you have a downswing and you get less money from the wheel of fortune
over a longer period of time. In this case it wont be boring because you can just buy coins for fun.
Try to solve all the puzzles economically and intelligently, and with a little luck, you won't go bankrupt.

If you train your brain hard enough with this minigame, you iq can increase up to seven points. But if you stop to train your brain in this unconventional
way you iq decreases until its the same iq like before.

Have fun guess the words in this minigame!

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