DayCare Explorer - HugDug kindergarten and nursery activity game for little kids.

DayCare Explorer - HugDug kindergarten and nursery activity game for little kids.

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Enhance your child's skills for school :PROBLEM SOLVING, MOTOR SKILLS, FIRST WORDS
Explore with your child preschool life. Great for preparing kids for school or helping them to cope and talk about their daily issues.

Daycare Explorer - An educational daycare game that is thoughtfully planned for little kids imagination. Recommended for children three to six years old.

We created the game as an open environment so kids could experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that limit a child’s imagination.

Daycare Explorer helps little kids with:
- Learning activities for preschool kids in a daycare environment
- Matching activities & puzzles. Children match play objects with their matching day care sites.
- Pretend play. Educational scenarios prepared for children cognitive skills that help them with nursery scenarios.
- Pre-school kids learn English words of different day care objects such as toys, and utilities.
- Increase child imagination by decorating the day care center.
- Teaching kids about preschool environment by playing a game about it.

In this colorful, educational game, kids enjoy and get familiar with numerous preschool daily activities. While having fun, kids practice daily kindergarten situations that may help them prepare emotionally and cognitively for preschool life:

• Playing in the yard with friends
• Saying farewell to parents
• Comforting a friend in need
• Using the toilet
• Playing with building blocks
• Preparing the breakfast table
And many more!

Accompanying our friendly, colorful characters, kids have an opportunity to explore and get to know preschool environment and daily events.

Daycare Explorer is a child safe game
There is no Advertising or personal data collection
We don’t interfere with game play with marketing or inappropriate advertising
The Game is free to try with an in-app purchase to unlock all game features

Daycare Explorer was developed with the help of educational psychologists.
Each of the game events and elements were created with the consultation of educational psychologists in order to fit the cognitive abilities and motorical skills of young children. The game was created for both individual and shared play.
It can be used by parents, caretakers and even therapists as a tool for preparing a child for day care or to facilitate communication with a child about his preschool experiences. While playing with a caretaker the child can share experiences and feelings about their own preschool and learn more about how to deal with common everyday situations.

About Preschool Academy
Founded by two caring parents with the assistance of a team of psychologists, speech therapists, and preschool teachers, Preschool Academy was created to give something more meaningful to children in today’s digital world. Our mission is to create educational games for children that are tailored specifically to their developmental and cognitive skills. We want children to have fun and play and at the same, time enhance the skills they need for modern life.

In short, we make fun, educational games for kids that parents love too. These apps are carefully, and thoughtfully created to suit toddlers’ and preschoolers’ motor, sensory, perceptual and cognitive developmental levels. We are aware that kids today are exposed to a lot of unnecessary stimulation from a very early age. Keeping that in mind, our apps offer valuable, developmentally suitable content without overwhelming children with unnecessary stimulation.

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