App Store Reaches 10,000 Apps (Sorta)

Several sites have suggested that the App Store has reached over 10,000 iPhone and iPod Touch apps. Whether or not that’s true depends on your perspective. While over 10,000 apps have been released, there aren’t actually 10,000 apps currently in the App store.

By our count, there have been 10,030 apps released to the App Store. About 354 of them have been pulled for various reasons (trademark issues, discontinued apps). Some may have already been re-released. So, there are 9,676 apps that you can actually download right now.

Still, that’s a huge number and the 10,000 mark will be breached very soon. Here’s the breakdown of the apps per category:

  • 24.0% Games
  • 11.6% Entertainment
  • 10.9% Utilities
  • 7.8% Education
  • 5.6% Productivity
  • 5.4% Lifestyle
  • 5.3 %Healthcare and Fitness
  • 5.1% Books
  • 4.6% Reference
  • 4.0% Travel
  • 3.4% Sports
  • 3.3% Music
  • 2.9% Navigation
  • 2.8% Business
  • 2.6% Finance
  • 1.8% Social Networking
  • 1.5% News
  • 1.3% Photography
  • 0.5% Weather


Phillip Ryu

Interesting that the books category is fairly highly represented, yet not at all in terms of popular apps. Symptom of the prevalence of one-off books I suppose.


The percentages not very surprising. If anything, i thought there’d be more games. It seems like about 1/2 are games. One suggestion I have is to not count Lite apps as apps. By the way, i love, wish for more blog articles like this!


Where are you getting your numbers from anyways? The actual number downloadable on the US iTunes store? There are a fair number of apps that are only available in certain regions’ stores.


The problem is that Apple doesn’t permit to create free new accounts anymore. “Payment Method: None” doesn’t work because it still wants valid credit cards. The problem has been for 1 week. More details on:

So, my question is how to try free applications if you can’t make a free account, so without using credit card ?


Free Accounts: I just used PayPal as my payment method since I didn’t want to give my debit card number (I would surely over use it). You can get a free PayPal account then choose it as a payment method for iTunes. The trick here is that you do not need money in your PayPal account and as long as you only select free apps you will never be charged. You could do this with any payment method really. Just be sure to never buy anything other then free apps. If you would like to buy non free apps at a later date you could always add money to your PayPal account or change your payment method.


I want see Movie . And downloads iTunes for iPod and can visit youtube and play game and have account for iPhone.

K Rolf

QUESTION: Do you know where I can go to get a comprehensive up-to-date listing of Apple A-P-P-S (!; at the very least NOT co-mingled with songs) for calendars and to-do’s?


QUESTION: (Which is why I asked the above question in the first place..)
Is anyone else frustrated to distraction by the way Apple’s App Store SEARCHES work? I request “calendar” IN THE APP STORE (not in the MUSIC store!!), but still it includes music. I click on the “Genre” heading to weed out the music, only to have the program snap back to “muddled” if I click on an individual entry to check out. I’ve got the most recent iTunes update (8.something). For gawd’s sake, THIS IS APPLE…cutting edge technology…top of their game (or anyone else’s!) with the iPhone and the laptop’s!!! We’ve had Apple computers (by last count, I think 8 or 9) since 1978! But apparently with each of those they DIDN’T rely on in-house programmers. I’d probably be inclined to spend more money with them…IF THEY’D JUST MAKE THE SEARCH PROGRAM LESS FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for “listening”.


How can I disable those applications coming automatically in my iPhone and these not free at is always billing me with out my approval

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