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Weather sticks have been used for centuries to accurately predict the weather by Abenaki Indians. Abenaki Indians lived in what is now Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and south eastern Canada.

Typically, a weather stick is a balsam fir rod about 16" long. The stick will turn upwards when good weather is approaching and downwards as inclement weather approaches.

"Dampness causes wood to twist or warp. The wood used to construct a weather stick is from a tree whose branches differ in density between the top and bottom of the branch. Wood, as the product of a living organism, is made of cells. In green wood, these cells are filled with liquid. In dry wood, however, the cells have lost their moisture, shrunk, and left air pockets between them, the reason why a dry piece of wood is much lighter than a green or a waterlogged piece. Differential swelling is what causes the branch to bend - under certain conditions, such as a change in relative humidity, the top of the branch will swell to a different degree than the bottom, forcing the branch to bend in an arc with the less swollen part of the branch on the inside of the arc." -- Wikipedia

▶ WeatherStick loads your current location on launch.
▶ Shaking iPhone gives a weather stick prediction from a random weather stick from someplace on earth.
▶Tap locate button to return to your present location.

WeatherRock - weather rocks have been used since caveman times to report the current weather conditions.

• Weather data licensed from
• Graphics by Image Limited.
• Programming by Hardy Macia (Catamount Software). Hardy is native Vermonter, currently living in New Hampshire.

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