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Rivercast’s best-of-class design will help you find the river height or flow information you need quickly. And it's customizable interactive graphs will let you zero in on the forecast or observation times important to you.

Rivercast’s Features Include:
• Map interface that shows where river gauges are located geographically.
• Search interface to find river gauges by waterway name, state, or NOAA 5 digit station ID.
• Interactive graphs that you can zoom in, zoom out, or pan.
• Customize your graphs by adding river levels that are relevant to you.
• Favorites list for locations you care about the most.
• Share your graphs via iMessage, Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Rivercast's map not only shows you where the stations are, but usually color codes them to give you an indication whether the location is at normal levels, approaching flood levels, or beyond flood stage.

You can get the latest observations from the map, search, or favorites. With an additional tap of your finger you can get a detailed interactive hydrograph. You can zoom in, zoom out, or pan with your fingers to find the exact information you need. If you "tap and hold" on the graph you can view the crosshair "bubble" text to assist you further.

To customize your graphs for what's important to you, you can add your own level lines to mark things like sandbars, rocks, bridges, safe conditions, or whatever you would like.

And you can add the streams or rivers that you would like to regularly monitor to your Favorites list for easy "at a glance" viewing.

Rivercast uses the latest observation and forecast data available, and requires an Internet connection for use. We recommend 3G or better for optimal performance.

Favorites, Map "Instant Observations", and Hydrograph data is viewable in feet or cfs (when available).

All observation and forecast data is in your local time (per your device) for your convenience.

A handy tool for boaters, fishermen, property owners, paddlers, hydrologists, and the curious.

River gauges reported are USA only.

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Frequent Questions:

Where does Rivercast get its data?
• This app uses NOAA and AHPS (Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service) for its raw data for our custom graphing and mapping solutions. There are a few locations that are available via other government agencies (including USGS) that are not available via this app.

Why does Rivercast sometimes show slightly different flow data (CFS) than USGS?
• CFS is a calculated estimate derived from stage height. NOAA and USGS estimates may sometimes slightly vary due to using different data models. Variances are usually within a few percent. Stage height should always be identical between USGS and NOAA.

Why can't I find station 0123456789?
• NOAA station ID's are always 5 digits. USGS and other government agencies often use longer IDs. Rivercast will try to cross reference USGS IDs to NOAA IDs, but is not always successful.

We take our accuracy seriously!

If you have any questions (or complaints!), please email us.

Ad free.

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What's New

- Latest CFS Flow observations are now directly viewable from the map, search, and favorites. You can set your preference for Stage Height or CFS Flow data in Settings. Please note that not all gauge locations have either or both available.
- Improved handling for poor or intermittent Internet connections.

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