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iWeather HK is a weather application designed with revolutionary new user interface concepts to encourage user to experience and feel the weather condition of Hong Kong. Scientists, engineers, citizens, frequent travelers, workers, students and tourists will find this application amazing and useful. iWeather HK is created with professional quality of programming and design concepts even though iWeather HK is a freeware.

Traditional application will display the leftmost page as startup page and users need to navigate from the leftmost page to the rightmost page one by one. iWeather HK sets the startup page at the middle page. Users read weather information of Hong Kong by scrolling through a series of pages from the middle. A double tap on any pages will jump back to the startup (middle) page. This concept removes the tedious feeling of page by page scrolling completely.

Startup (middle) page consists of current weather condition (temperature, humidity and warning) and seven days weather forecast. A picture of Hong Kong that closely matches the current weather condition will be displayed. Our design concept is to feel the weather. Right, users are not required to read tedious weather forecast messages at all. A big and readable temperature value will be displayed on the bottom of the Hong Kong picture. Weather warnings will be displayed top down from sky (top of Hong Kong picture) to the bottom. This emphasize the change has come and originated from sky.

The message below the Hong Kong picture is update time. The update time shows the actual time of issue of the current weather condition, follow by temperature and humidity data. Time to get data from internet will be displayed on the right. Seven days weather forecast displays a quick list for reference. A single tap on the startup page will change the seven days weather forecast temperature value to humidity and back.

Left side of startup page is camera snapshots of designated locations of Hong Kong. Double tap on the camera snapshot page will return to the middle page.

Right side of startup page is weather information that narrows down from wider area weather condition to districts in Hong Kong. This enforce concept of concentration.
Tap the icons at the top of Satellite and Cyclone Track page (right side of startup page) to display a bigger picture. Double tap to return to the middle page.

District weather information will be displayed in the District Weather Information pages (right side of Satellite and Cyclone Track page). Double tap to return to the middle page.

-Authorized to reproduce information from Hong Kong Observatory
-Current weather, 7 days forecast
-64km radar to show recent rain cloud location
-Weather warning
-Satellite weather images
-Camera snapshot of designated places in Hong Kong
-Tropical Cyclone tracking map
-District temperature/humidity/wind information
-UV index and lightning information
-Support degree C and degree F (current weather and 7-days forecast)
-Support English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese languages.

- Scroll left or right to display various pages.
- Double tap on any page to return to startup page
- Press info button and then degree C or degree F button to select temperature scale.
- Press the icons to show a bigger picture on the satellite image page

UI Graphic design by Chris Chow
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i 香港天氣
是以革命性的新用戶界面概念設計的一個天氣應用程式,鼓勵使用者體驗和感受天氣情況。科學家,工程師,公民,經常出差,工人,學生和遊客將會發現這個程式是驚訝和有用的。即使 i 香港天氣是一個免費軟件,i 香港天氣 也是以熱誠及專業品質的規劃與設計而製造。


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