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Secure My iPhone

Secure My iPhone

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Have you ever worried your iPhone get lost? Or have you ever worried your iPhone get snitched? Secure My iPhone will solve these kinds of worries.

Precious iPhone, have you ever,

- lost your iPhone at a bar? But you are still on a 2 years contract without insurance?
- Slipped out your iPhone from your pocket in a taxi when you asleep?
- Get snitched at a library while you are in a toilet?
- Worried your iPhone get stolen when you charge in an accommodation where heaps of people are.

Have you ever thought these kinds of situation would happen to you? Then Secure My iPhone will get you a complete iPhone safety!

Secure My iPhone is an iPhone anti-theft application to protect your iPhone from any danger of thievery.(burglary, robbery).
When an anonymous touches your iPhone without passcode unlock, firstly, it makes loud alarm sound for notifying emergence to people around. Secondly, Secure My iPhone sends a twit to your twitter followers to notify your iPhone got stolen, including 2 photos of thief that taken by iPhone. So you can track down who the thief is.

These are the examples and usages of Secure My iPhone.

First, when an anonymous tries to press home button or touch your iPhone without unlocking, it makes loud alarm sound and sends 2 photos of anonymous to your twitter followers, so you can find who touched or who the thief is.

e.g.) lost your iPhone last night at a bar? You can get your iPhone back when an anonymous press home button, you may know who keep your iPhone through your Twitter account.

Second, Secure My iPhone uses iPhone's motion detection sensor. You can adjust sensor's sensitivity. When Secure My iPhone detects stronger motion than you set, it makes loud alarm and takes photos.

e.g.) When you have a nap in a park or in a library, motion detect sensor will protect your iPhone from any danger of thievery.
Also you can use these motion detect sensor when you asleep in a taxi, you will get noticed your iPhone slipped out from your pocket.

Third, When you charge your iPhone in a public place like cafe, restaurant etc, when your charger is detached without unlocking passcode, Secure My iPhone will make loud alarm sound and take photos and sends to your twitter account.

Eventually, whoever touches your iPhone without unlocking passcode, whether it is charging or not Secure My iPhone protects your iPhone.


[Charger detaching detection]
- When your charger is detached without unlocking, Secure My iPhone will works as it is on emergency.

[Motion detection sensor]
⁃When it senses stronger motion than you adjusted, Secure My iPhone makes alarm and takes photos.
⁃Adjustable motion detection sensor.

[Uploading photos to Twitter by TwitPic]
⁃When Secure My iPhone senses emergence, it takes 2 photos.
⁃iPhone 4 takes photo with front camera, iPhone 3 takes photo with rear camera.
⁃Photos will be sent to your Twitter followers automatically.

[Custom alarm recording]
⁃You can record your own alarm.
⁃It will get more attentions.
eg) 'Help Help! Somebody's stealing my iPhone”

[Multiple alarm function]
⁃SOS to Twitter followers.
⁃Works on vibration mode.
⁃5 different alarm sound + custom alarm.

[Multi tasking]
iOS 4 Capable
Secure My iPhone stays back when it’s exited by home button

[Incognito mode]
⁃Secure My iPhone makes iPhone sleep(incognito mode) while it is armed.
⁃You can exit from sleep simply by touching screen.

Secure My iPhone insures complete protection of your iPhone.

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