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PractiScore is a complete practical shooting or timed shooting competition match scoring system. It supports all practical shooting variants, including USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, 3GN, iCORE, SASS, Steel Challenge, GADPA, PRS, NRA Action, Time+/points and Time+. It is also flexible for building your own scoring approach for outlaw multigun or other variants. It also supports precision competitions such as PRS and NRA Bullseye.

Developed by Ken Nelson to operate his very active Southern Utah Practical Shooters (who run 2 to 3 matches per week, plus 6+ major matches a year, it's purpose is to make a club director, match director, and stats officer's life good again. To give them back their weekend nights, and to let shooters have instant, accurate results immediately on last shots fired.

It was developed by a practical shooting club director to make his, and other shooting club director jobs much much easier. It makes managing and scoring any sized match quick, easy and fast.

Highlights are:

* FREE! Always free to clubs and matches.
Always has been. Always will be.

* runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

* sends necessary data to various sports (classification, results , so forth)

* does complete match scoring, including match and stage results

* is really fast and easy to use

* One button posting of results to web.

* Supports any size match, has been used to score the largest matches
in the country.

* easy walk-on support with registration on the mobile

* default setups for the most common match types (USPSA, IDPA, IPSC,
ICORE, Time Plus, Steel Challenge, NSSF Rimfire Challenge,
PRS, Time Plus/w points, NRA Bianchi Cup, &
TImed NRA Competitions 3GN)

* Design your own sport/ruleset for penalties, bonuses. Configurable
to virtually any practical shooting or timed shooting competition.

* New support for points based scoring, such as
Sniper matches, PRS, NRA Smallbore, or any type of precision target.

* Integrates with Clubs.PractiScore.Com, for complete
match management including registration, shooter management,
shooter management of their own match registration,
squadding (self squadding and match director managed squadding),
emailing participants, and even free (except for bank fees)
online payments and match store for shirts and other
match paraphernalia. is also free, and always will be.

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What's New

-Edited IDPA template and classifiers per rule book changes.
-Added "warn" property to bonus and penalty to show notifications when they are used. To support the IDPA "Finger PE" call.
-Added 3GN Single Gun scoring. Uses new customizable targets for all non paper targets.
-Added "Sync From Master" control in the shooter score list.
Set the master device from the device sync menu.
Automatically sync changes from the chosen master device (if it is online and the matches are the same).
-When entering the PIN for a new match, it is loaded into a new match. If the match exists on the device then a sync is done. You should use the PIN download first, then do penalty, bonus, and stage setup. If you have a match built and want to download the registration from, you can still use either the CSV export from the site or use the PIN to download into a new match and then sync the shooters into your actual match with the "Sync Shooter from Other Match" option found in the "Shooters/Squads" menu of the app. You can also select the "Add shooters to current match" checkbox option.
-Added support for stage images and briefs.
-Added rangelog export for 3GN shotgun event.
-NRA Action now uses custom targets.
Available target types are stored by the match for use in stages.
Target Values, Names, and Default Counts can be edited on the match and stage level.
-Default match names are now set to the Club Name abbreviation, the match type, and then a time stamp to help with match identification on the results site.
-Added state code to all fields in the SCSA awards report.
-Added not squadded shooters to the PMM reports.
-Fixed IDPA most accurate report to order ties by final time.
-Removed PF from non USPSA reports.
-Changed old categories to new categories in the TPP and USPSA reports.
-Fixed sync code field moves above keyboard.
-When Loading Shooters from file or PIN#:
If no Member Number is loaded Member ID and Class are set to "".
If no Class is loaded Class is set to "".
-When running a class update:
If the shooter is not found or the returned class is an invalid value, the class is set to "U" as per USPSAs instruction.
-Added division winners to the steel awards report.
-Fixed a bug for empty fields crash in awards report.
-Removed page CSS from Mixed match reports.
-Added a number entry pad to +/- boxes in clay sports scoring
-Added Bianchi falling plates scoring to NRA Action.
-Enforced NRA scoring "No negative value score" rule.
-Added notes to new match selection menu to indicate match type usage.
-Added an alert to Max stage time setting to keep people from using it unaware.
-Modified some match type names to clarify their usage.
-Fixed a bug where the Power Factor setting for a shooter could be changed to "Major" for divisions where it should not be allowed.
-Added stage penalty reports to progress reports.
Added PRS Gas Gun Series tp subtype. ("precisionrifle")
-includes an addition to overall sorting for the tie breaker rules.
-Added PRS and PRS Gas skills stages images and classifiers (skills).
-Added DCAPS idpa subtype. ("dcaps")
-Added counts to every section of the Steel Challenge awards report. Limited all sections to display 5 results.
-General usability and bug fixes.

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