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The next generation of Red Foundry is available now!

Fusion Mobile helps Red Foundry users manage Fusion projects from their iOS device. After logging into your Red Foundry account, you can monitor essential analytics and view your Red Foundry projects using our interactive preview mode.

Please visit http://www.redfoundry.com for more details on becoming a Red Foundry user.

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What's New

2.4.0 Release Notes

Aviary photo editor
Now you can edit photos using the MediaPicker widget.
Text widget additions.
Added more keyboard types. "default, email, number, decimal, numbers-punctuation, phone, name-phone, url, twitter"
Added input-required.
Added more return key types. "default, done, go, join, next, route, search, send"
Added dismiss-keyboard-on-return.
Added event return-key-pressed.
Added volume property.
This widget is now working properly.
Added navigates-before-loading
If set to YES, the app will perform its navigation actions by first navigating then loading the views contents. If set to NO, the app will first load the next view then navigate to it.
Added dragged and drag-ended events.

Added "app-entered-foreground" and the "app-entered-background" events.

Added the "load-asynchronously" property

Added the app short code "connection-type"

Added the "save-snapshot" function to the Layout widget..

Added the GoogleAd widget.


Added "file-attachment", "file-attachment-mime-type", and "can-send-mail"
Added event cancel.
iPhone 5 updates.

General performance increases

Misc. bug fixes

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