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Credit Card Emergency

Credit Card Emergency

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Know your credit card companies phone numbers to call immediately if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen!!!

Credit Card Emergency - What happens if your lost your wallet or purse? Would you know which Credit Card companies to call? The average person has between 3 to 7 credit cards! Wether you have a regular charge card, gas card ,debit card, department store credit card, or any other credit card, you can prevent any unauthorized charges to your credit card if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen immediately with our Credit Card Emergency app!

Credit card emergency allows you to input all of your credit card company phone numbers, customer service and lost/stolen in case you lose your wallet or purse. Do you even know how many credit cards you have? We all have credit cards but if we ever lost our wallet, the first thing you would want to do is notify your credit card company. Well how can you if you do not even know the number to call?

Now you can call your credit card companies in seconds! You should keep a list of credit card account numbers and phone numbers to the issuing banks' customer service departments somewhere in your home. But few of us find the motivation until we are frantically searching for our credit card statements, filing cabinets, etc.

Credit Card Emergency is extremely simple to use. Enter all your credit card's names into the Credit Card Emergency app, along with the phone numbers for customer service and the lost/stolen phone number. For example, let's say you have a Debit Card. You could enter 'My Debit Card' followed by lets say the last 4 digits of your credit card, so for the name you would enter 'My Debit Card 9911' and then you enter the customer service number as well as the lost or stolen number. Save it!

In the unfortunate event that you lost your wallet or purse, or even if you think someone has used your credit card, you can quickly locate your credit card and call either customer service or the lost and stolen phone numbers in seconds! This app could prevent unauthorized charges to your credit card by you having your credit cards companies phone number right on your phone! You never have to go back to your statement or go online to retrieve that important information! Plus, by preventing any unauthorized charges, you can also SAVE YOUR CREDIT Rating! After you enter all your credit card names and phone numbers, you can email yourself a list for safe keeping incase you lose your phone as well.

The best feature of the Credit Card Emergency app is that when you tap the phone icons in data entry page of a particular credit card, a time/date stamp is updated to that credit card name and then your phone will automatically dial the phone number for you! So after you report your first credit card, you go back to the Credit Card Emergency app and you will see the date and time of when you called that particular credit card. Then you can proceed to the next credit card and report that one as well. You can also clear the last called date any time by tapping the RESET button on the credit card list screen.

If you need to edit and existing credit card, simply tap the list button on the main screen, and then tap any credit card entry. You can also change the type of credit card by taping the credit card icon and selecting one that describers your credit card.

Do not enter any vital information about your credit cards. What you save is the Bank name(and if you want the last 4 digits of your credit card or some other way of describing a particular credit card you have), and their customer service and lost/stolen phone numbers. If you ever lose your wallet or purse, you can simply get on your phone and dial right from within the Credit Card Emergency app to report your lost or stolen cards and protect your credit!!

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