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Opera Coast web browser

Opera Coast web browser

       iOS Universal

"Download the revolutionary web browser built for your iPhone and iPad. Discover a new, free way to waste away some idle moments. Get fresh, fast content from the web with this easy-to-use browser from Opera."

OK, now that we've got the marketing fluff out of the way, we can be straight with you.

Our app won't change your life forever. It won’t buy you a new car or make sure your best friend doesn’t fall for your girl. But, that's not all that life is about. It's about the details, the fleeting moments that can make or break your day, and there's no better browser to help you pass the time at the bus stop or escape for a little longer to the restroom. Opera Coast looks great, it feels great and it delivers the content you want.

Listen, we don’t care what you do with your time. Spend it any way you want. Hell, go ahead and waste it. We advocate taking breaks and we will defend precious downtime at all costs. We just want to make sure that when you waste time you waste it well.

Opera Coast has your back. It's extremely easy to use, fast, secure, stable and all of those other big buzz words we like. And, it's an entirely new experience for browsing the web.

You'll just have to try it to know what we mean:

- Throw away your expectations. Browsers have been the same for 20 years and their conventions get in the way. Opera Coast's design will shock you and leave you wondering why you haven't had a browser like this before.
- Make browsing exciting. Everyone loves their iThingy for the high quality graphics and quick animations. Your browser should feel the same way.
- Stay up-to-date with the sites you love or stumble all the way out to the edge of the net. Search the web, and, while you type, we'll suggest some sites for you. You know, in case you need to avoid work a little longer.
- Get Opera Coast for both your iPad and iPhone and it'll sync what you find on the web between your devices.

Look, it's a browser – but a damned cool one. Install it, try it out – it's free, so you've got nothing to lose – and start wasting time well.

What's new

Version 3.21:
C4n y0u re4d th1s?
Of course you can. Anyway, here's some updates:

- We fixed an issue where Opera Coast didn't start for some users
- We improved the Notification Center widget stability and animations
- Stability fixes

Version 3.20:
We redesigned web app icons. Yes, for the entire web.
Opera Coast's user experience has been improved based on your feedback.
For those of you on iOS 8, we added some neat features. You can now:
- Check the latest news in the notification center with the new Opera Coast widget.
- Open links in a Opera Coast from another browser
- Share pages from Opera Coast to other apps
Oh, and we also support iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
As always, we crushed some bugs. Hopefully, someone will clean that up. It's been a year now, and there are a lot of bug carcasses around here…


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