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ClockSync- Millisecond Precision is a watch synchronization app for calibrating/synchronizing both mechanical and digital watches.

Born out of passion for mechanical watches, ClockSync was developed to make life easier and more actuate when it comes to calibrating watches.

Being one of the few apps in the app store with millisecond precision ClockSync will allow you to not only calibrate your watches, but keep track on the offsets by using the “sample” button.

How to use:

1): Make sure your iphone is set to synchronize its time automatically from the network, this will ensure that your device's internal clock is synced to global time standards. (This is available through the Settings → General → Date&Time → “Set Automatically” (**you don’t have to do this every time you start the app)

2): Launch the ClockSync app.

3): You will now see the main clock running at millisecond precision, with a deci-second animated indicator.

4): Use the sample button when observing your wrist-watch and sampling points in time, then compare the result to your wrist-watch, the offset is the difference between the two readings.

Example: if I have sampled when my wrist-watch seconds indicator was at 18:33:15 , and the ClockSync app indicated 18:33:12:533 hence my offset is +2.467 sec.

5): Use the minute repeater to have a visual and audible indication of a minute change. *note that the minute repeater blinks on: 56/57/58 sec, and on the 59th second it beeps (to allow your reaction time to process and set your wrist-watch accurately)

User review:
Perfectly balanced - ★★★★★
"The amount of quality and simplicity is perfect, as if they've done it especially for me!"
by julio..... - Version 1.2 - Dec 24, 2011, UK


The ClockSync app is dependent on your device's internal clock, which if set to sync automatically, should indicate the correct atomic/network time. However due to the nature of this process, we have no control and no guarantee that your device's time is correct. We leave this up to you.

**Developed by a proud new owner of an automatic mechanical TISSOT who couldn’t find a good app to help him measure the offset of his watch.

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