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1O1O及csl指定客戶透過Call Manager,你可輕鬆地以不同來電及短訊管理功能,更方便及靈活地處理你的通訊需要。
無論是要阻截任何不必要來電的滋擾如銷售來電及停止示號來電、在某些情況下如身處海外或在會議中只允許指定的重要號碼來電、或是要設定各種來電轉駁, 一切皆讓你自由控制掌握, 你亦無須再牢記每個功能的短碼。,

來電過濾 - 阻截沒有來電顯示號碼,「預設請勿干擾名單 」及「自選請勿干擾名單」來電,設定只允許「授權名單」號碼來電,為你減省應接不必要來電的時間或避免不必要的漫游費用
來電轉駁 - 設定各類來電轉駁及查閱來電轉駁狀況一目瞭然
漫游管理 - 隨意啟動或關掉自動漫游,當你位處靠近中港邊境時可避免不必要的漫游費用
短訊轉存服務 - 把短訊轉發至其他流動電話號碼 ( 包括網內,網外或國際電話號碼)或電郵地址及替短訊作備份



Call Manager brings Hong Kong 1O1O and csl designated customers the ultimate flexibility and convenience of using call and SMS management features. Whether you want to block nuisance or anonymous calls, allow only selected callers to reach you when you are traveling or in a meeting, or simply want to set different conditional forwarding features, it is all under your total control. With Call Manager, there is no need to memorise the short codes anymore.

Key Features :
•Call Filtering – block anonymous calls, “Default Do-Not-Disturb” and “My Do-Not-Disturb” calls, or just allow callers in your authorized list to reach you. This will save you from picking up any unwanted calls or incurring any unnecessary roaming charges when you are traveling
•Call Forwarding – set up different kinds of call forwarding and check the call forwarding status at a glance
•Roaming Management – gives you the option to turn off auto roaming to avoid unnecessary roaming charges when you are close to the HK-China border
•SMS Forwarder – forward incoming SMS to a mobile number or email and store the incoming SMS

Other features:
Service tips and fees

1.The service features are available to 1O1O and csl customers only
2.User login is required when connecting to Wi-Fi
3.Using this app while roaming may incur data roaming charges

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