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ALPA Part 117 Calculator & Guide

ALPA Part 117 Calculator & Guide

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The ALPA Part 117 Flight Time Duty Time calculator assists pilots in determining their rest period, max duty day and max flight time based on individual criteria entered by the pilot. The App also includes the FAR Part 117 Regulation and ALPA’s Part 117 Guide.

Previous Versions

* Cross platform import /export

*Updated Airports Database to include daylight savings timezone for airport locals.
*Changed time pickers to numeric keypad.

*Various bug fixes.

*Bug fix affecting iOS5 users, setting the timezone fields has no effect.

* Added FDP End time picker to all operation types regardless of flight segment count.
* Added Flight Segment Start date and time zone when displaying Flight Segment information in the Flight Time Limit Screen.

Bugs Squished
* Problem calculating Flight Segment duration while crossing international dateline when using local block times.
* Intermittent Problem when setting flight segment start and end dates accurately when start time is before 0000 and end time is after 0000.
* Last 672 hours & of 100 hours returning a negative value when only part of the flight segment is within range.
* Cumulative screen not updating time when app is resumed from background.
* Accuracy was off by indeterminate amount of seconds when calculating cumulative limitations.

Squashed Bugs
* Incorrect data returned for Augmented - Augmented Reserve with a report 1300 - 1659 for a three pilot crew and rest class of 2.
*Flight hours at a future date where being counted in the cumulative section.
*Fixed Export button not functioning.

*Capability to edit concluded Flight Duty Periods and Flight Segments.
*Check possible FDP limits with out initiating a FDP.
*Enter time zone offset for flight segments.
*Setting added to always use ZULU time values for Flight Segments instead of time zone offset.
*Updated Airport database location service to include international airports & airport time zone zulu offset.
*Automatically select block in and block out time zones based on the airport time zone offset.
*Capability to enter a note and flag FDP's as extended.
*Notifies user if the last arrival point is more than 60° longitude from current location when calculating new FDP, when location services is enabled.
*Allow reserve operation to conclude FDP's without Flight Segments when on airport standby and without an assignment.
*Auto fills city pair info when possible.
*ALPA FTDT Guide auto updates when a revision is published.
*Fixed problem when migrating data from local storage to iCloud storage.

*Updated FAR 117 Language to reflect Nov 19th 2013 FAA update.
*Updated ALPA Part 117 Guide to Edition 2
*Fixed cumulative calculation bug

* iOS 5 compatibility

What's new

Bug fixes

* App crash when export exceeds 128K.

*On iOS5 devices causing flight segments not to be included in the export file. Subsequently causing cumulative data for Flight Segments to be incorrect on the import device.


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