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Want to know how long until the burn?

Want to know what to do once you get there?

This is the electronic version of the "What Where When Guide" that I have wanted ever since I started going to the playa in 2001. This version of the app includes a built-in snapshot of the Playa Events Calendar, and allows you to browse, sort, and search through it in a variety of ways, even without a network or internet connection.

We have been working with Rockstar Librarian to include her complete guide to DJ's and performances on the Playa. Available in-app as soon as it's finished (late August)

The Black Rock City map is now GPS aware, and can be used to locate yourself in the city, and get guidance to various locations.

If you have suggestions about how to make the app better, I would love to hear them.  The majority of the enhancements and upgrades in this version were suggested by the burningman community.

I hope you find the app useful, it's my gift to BRC.

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What's New

Two Major Bugfixes
Events were being added to the user's 2014 calendar, instead of 2015. Thanks Max for finding this! Fixed.

The database update module was crashing instead of updating the database. This has been fixed.

Changes and Additions
About 50% of registered camps have placed themselves on burnermap.com, and that data is now available in the app. The 'official' data will be made available for the remaining camps once the BMORG embargo is lifted.

The pages that display content from the official website now verify connectivity first.

The checklist page now allows you to hide/display the section index (shown on the right side of the screen), by swiping left and right on a section header.

Map system has been greatly simplified along with the pin system. Map pins can now be added for a camp when looking at the camp information. Same for artwork.

Added an off-line mapping correction system, that will allow the app to improve locating camps and artwork.

App screen now includes credits and much more release information.

Bugfixes and tweaks
*Several iPad related dialog bugs were fixed.
*Homescreen GUI changed to make scrollable tabs more obvious
*Tweet screens cleaned up
*Favorites screen moved up to be more prominent. Meh.
*Fixed several iOS 8 related issues.
*Event searching and Music searching required extensive rewrites.
*Map screen almost entirely re-written.

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