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Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian - Phrasebook for Thai

Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian - Phrasebook for Thai

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"Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian - Phrasebook for Thai" helps you get around THE German beer fest.

Whether you go to the original Oktoberfest in Munich or your local version of it, be sure to have the "Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian" in your pocket. Imagine you are ordering a proper German beer in true German-Bavarian at the Oktoberfest -- it can break the ice within a second and you will have made friends with everyone around you.

Filled with many useful phrases, you will be able to get around with ease using this app. From "placing orders" to "toasts", the variety of categories makes this the complete app for your travels. Each and every phrase is written in Thai and Bavarian, and is accompanied with an audio clip for you to pronounce it accurately or to play it to the locals.

You can also use the integrated search to find a specific phrase, quickly and easily.

This phrasebook app is a network-connected app. However, once all audio files are downloaded they will be stored on your phone. So you do not need to be connected to the network when you are on the go -- at the Oktoberfest. Prost!

Phrasebook App Features
- 52 very useful, fun and unique phrases
- Stores files offline (no Internet connection needed after first download)
- Written phrase in your language (Thai)
- Written phrase in target language (Bavarian German)
- Spoken phrase in target language (Bavarian German)
- Automatic playback and caching
- Search all phrases in your language (Thai)

Categories of Phrases:
- Placing orders
- Flirt
- Swearing
- Toasts
- Address people
- Greetings

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