Hotel Tonight - Last-Minute Deals on Great Hotels

Hotel Tonight - Last-Minute Deals on Great Hotels

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HotelTonight - Plan Less. Live More.

Hand-selected hotels at great prices. Book your Tonight, now up to 7 days in advance.

*We are the night out with friends that turned into a road trip to Vegas
*We are the birthday getaway you spontaneously booked for this weekend
*We are the business trip you locked down in 10 seconds, at your soon-to-be-favorite hotel
*We are the excuse to break out of your rut
*We are HotelTonight. And we want you to plan a little less. And live a little more

Here’s how we deliver:

*Great prices! Hotels give us last-minute discounts on their empty rooms. You get the very best rates, guaranteed
*Book a room in just 10 seconds – 3 taps and a swipe!
*Hand-picked selection of top-rated hotels – we’ve done the work to narrow down the best options
*Themed “Playlists" of hotels with recommendations on when and where to book (like hotels with great pools for Sunday Funday)
*Categories (like Basic, Hip and Luxe) to make it easy to find the right hotel
*Hotel descriptions that boil down the top 3 reasons why we like the hotels we work with – and why you will, too
*Upcoming weather forecasts to help you decide where to stay and what to pack (besides your rubber ducky)
*24/7 customer support (with real, live, nice people)
*Say the magic word (“BEYONCE”) at the front desk and the concierge will break out into some killer Bob Fosse-style “Single Ladies” moves (we wish)

Let’s connect:

* Email:
* Facebook:
* Twitter: @HotelTonight
* Instagram: @HotelTonight
* Snapchat: @HotelTonight

What's New

Here’s what’s new from HT:

* HotelTonight for Apple Watch is here! Well almost--we hope you got your pre-orders in for the first shipment on Friday!
* Improvements to our new Track Rates feature. Not ready to commit to a weekend getaway or last-minute business trip? We'll notify you when rates drop to help you get the best deal at a top-rated hotel.
* And from our last release: our revamped design makes it easy to access your bookings and invite friends (free travel!) with just a few swipes.
* Note to team: Don't schedule a release party during an app submission. Not cool.

If you like HT please rate us in the App Store, or send us a note at Your reviews and feedback (and lots of coffee) keep the great deals and product improvements happening!

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