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BrainWave Travel Essentials - 5 Advanced Binaural Programs for Travelers

BrainWave Travel Essentials - 5 Advanced Binaural Programs for Travelers

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* 5 Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Programs developed specifically for travelers: Sleep, Wake Up, Focus, Power Nap and Relax. *

*** How it Works ***

BrainWave Travel Essentials uses a Progressive BrainWave Entrainment technique we've developed. Brainwave entrainment involves playing two different audible frequencies, one into each ear with earphones, the difference between which is an inaudible lower frequency that matches a known brainwave frequency, such as that associated with deep sleep. When your brain processes the two different frequencies it perceives this lower frequency and within minutes your brainwaves begin to synchronize with this frequency, thus inducing the desired mental state.

BrainWave Travel Sleep takes this technique a step further by tailoring different programs and brainwave stages to different sleep durations. Longer duration sleep cycles include dream phases and more complex stages for both relaxation and waking. Shorter duration sleep cycles focus more on getter you to sleep faster to maximize rest.

All of the progressive programs include both a relaxation phase, a sleep phase, and finally a waking phase that brings your brainwaves up to an alert, mentally sharp level. This means you'll come out of your sleep feeling awake and alert.

*** Features ***

- Configurable program durations.

- 5 Power brainwave entrainment programs

- Soothing ambient sounds including: Ocean Waves, Rain, Thunder and Pink Noise (A common soothing background for noise blocking and brainwave entrainment).

- A soothing brainwave carrier-frequency associated with meditation and higher thought.

- Optional audio alarm with adjustable volume to wake you up prior to reaching your destination.

- Fully adjustable brainwave intensity to set the brainwave volume to your comfort level.

- All preferences, including alarm and brainwave volumes, are saved for subsequent uses.

- Ability to put your device into sleep mode/screen-save mode to save battery power during usage.

- Sleep duration and time remaining display.

- Ability to pause program and restart later.

If you fly frequently or take the train, bus or subway to work you need this application. It will allow you to get the most of your travel or commute time and arrive at your destination rested, refreshed and alert.

Warning: This application is a highly effective brainwave entrainment product and should never be used while driving or operating machinery.

If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult a physician before using any binaural brainwave application.

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This release includes minor improvements as well as a fix to the alarm issue. We listen to our customers and work hard each release to improve our apps, so please feel free to email if you have any feedback or questions. Also be sure to visit for announcements and other brainwave apps.

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