PractiScore Competitor

PractiScore Competitor

iOS Universal Sports

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The easiest way to view and compare match results, as well as analyze competitor performance at IPSC, USPSA, 3Gun, Steel Challenge, IDPA, ICORE, PRS, ProAm and NRA, ISSF matches.

* Search and download results posted on and several other web sites
* Sync over WiFi during match from scoring devices running PractiScore
* View and compare multiple competitors side by side
* Dig into every details of the match performance

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What's New

* Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
* Fixed viewing stage and special reports for time-based matches
* ICORE classifier % should not be shown for the match
* ICORE show total X, A, B, C, M, NS for the match
* TimePlus and ICORE show total penalties and bonuses
* TimePlus Points with Match Points Entry scoring allows to use 0 Stage Points for absolute points entry
* Steel Challenge don't cap classifiers to 100%
* Steel Challenge show combined classifier % for an entire match
* Steel Challenge option to sort results by % of the peak division classifier times
* IPSC/USPSA renamed menu "Projected" to "High Available" for sorting results by available match points

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