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Discover and share great beers, breweries, and venues with your friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries.

Discover nearby venues, events, and beers that you'll love
Keep track of the beers you like and create lists for later
Get alerts when your favorite verified venues add new beers
Find new venues with great beers, anywhere in the world
Follow your friends and see what beers they're enjoying
For help and support, visit http://help.untappd.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/untappd
Facebook: http://facebook.com/untappd
Instagram: http://instagram/untappd

Untappd reminds you to please drink responsibly.

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What's New

New in 3.1.3:

- Filter Top Rated Beers by Location: Looking for top rated beers in your local area? You can, via Top Rated Beers!
- Filter Trending Beers by Style: You can now filter local trending beers by style, by tapping the "..." button
- Add Beer Checker: Added confirmation screen when creating a beer that shows to make sure the beer you created doesn't exist
- Closed Venues: Venues that are closed now show up in search with a red closed text below them
- Notifications while In-App: Get a toast or comment in the app? The Red dot will appear to let you know immediately.
- Purchase Locations: The pills are now updated to include the recently selected Location if it was selected at the front of the list
- Festival Dates: For verified venue customers that are festivals, the festival dates will now show up below the image
- Better Date Pickers for Custom Lists: The date picker has been upgraded for Custom Lists, fixing a bug with some users would see invalid date after selecting it for the date fields
- Moderator Flare: We have a lot of great moderators helping us out, and now they will have a green moderator flag on their profile and feed entries.
- Venue Categories fully show: On venue pages, the category now shows in full, and does not get cut off.
- Number of times you have had a beer is back: After check-in the pop-up message will now tell you how many times you have had the beer overall and this month.

- Fixing a bug with the quantity button missing it's bottom border
- Your joined date is now parse as UTC (GMT+0), so there is no confusion on when you joined
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't add a item to another list via the "..." icon on the list item
- Fixing a bug where if you accept a friend request, the red dot would not go away without an app reload
- Fixing a bug where if the beer was not found, the screen would freeze, unable to get back to previous page
- Adding auto-refresh to Filter Type when filtering/sorting on a Custom List
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't Find a beer on your Custom List, with the "..." icon
- Fixed an issue with Instagram Sharing (missing the Brewery Name) in the Text
- Fixed an issue with Notes in the Custom Lists not being multi-line
- Formatted Verified Venues Pages better for Online Retailers
- Improved Custom List searching by showing a Loader first
- Fixing a bug where sharing a beer page to Notes app would result in a double URL
- See More was disabled hen sorting/filtering on Verified Menu with more than 15 items
- Removing Flavor Profiles header when there are no flavor profiles
- Disable Shake to Undo
- Added IBU/ABV to Top Rated Pages

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