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Post whatever you want to your Tumblr. Follow other people who are doing the same. You’ll probably never be bored again.

• Post anything: Photos, GIFs, videos, quotes, chats, links, text—like we said, pretty much whatever.
• Make one blog or tons of blogs. Whatever ideas you have, Tumblr is your place to put them.
• Customize those blogs to look as beautiful or as weird as you want.
• Interact with other people on Tumblr by reblogging their posts. Experience the thrill of seeing your own posts reblogged by other people.
• Send fan mail, asks, and submissions to the blogs you love.
• Have fun. Finally.

What's New

The main lovely new thing:

• You can keep up with your favorite blogs by getting a push notification whenever they make a new post.

(Just go to the blog, tap the li'l human, and select "Get notifications." Then just kick back and enjoy the vibes.)

Also, this release is more cosmopolitan and less crashy. How so?

• We added Chinese translations
• We reduced the number of crashes

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