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Discover and create the stuff you love. If you love stuff, stop reading this, get the app, and just start having fun. You’ll probably never be bored again.

- Whatever you’re into, people are making and sharing stuff about it on their Tumblrs.
- They’re posting photos, GIFs, text, videos, audio, anything. Passion takes many forms on Tumblr.
- Follow artists, musicians, comedians, designers, thinkers, scientists, publications, architects, firemen—you know, interesting people. All the interesting people are here.
- Plenty of ways to find the good stuff. Search for it, or just check out what's popular/interesting/weird/wonderful.
- You get your own Tumblr, too, obviously. Post whatever you want, or reblog other people’s stuff. Add commentary if you like. Make it your own. Other people will do the same to your posts. That’s how you meet people here.
- You can also just send private messages to the people you follow, if that’s more your thing. Tumblr is yours. Be how you wanna be.
- Make your Tumblr look however you want. Custom header images, fonts, colors, all that. Use an animated GIF for you header image if you want. We can’t stop you.

Tumblr is yours. Welcome to Tumblr.

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What's New

What's New in Version 6.9.1

We just added a Tumblr extension to iMessage. It lets you make a GIF, then text that GIF to anyone you want.

You can make GIFs out of videos, bursts, or Live Photos—or you can shoot fresh GIFs straight from your camera. It’s a pretty capable little extension.

If you don’t already see it in iMessage, here’s how you turn it on:

· Open your “Messages” app.
· Open a conversation, if one isn’t already open.
· Tap the app store icon next to the message field.
· Tap the + icon.
· Take a snack break. Maybe some almonds or a yogurt.
· Tap the “Manage” tab.
· Tap the switch next to “Tumblr.”

You are done.


What else can you do with this marvelous extension?

· Make your GIF faster or slower.
· Make it loop or bounce or run backwards.
· Write on your GIF. Choose from 3 different fonts, all of them equally valid.

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