Tapatalk - Forums & Discussions for Cars, Video Games, Collectibles, Gadgets, News and Other Interests

Tapatalk - Forums & Discussions for Cars, Video Games, Collectibles, Gadgets, News and Other Interests

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Tapatalk is the ultimate discussion and commenting community. Follow interests and other enthusiasts to read great discussions from all over the internet, all in your active, personalized Feed. Or have a question and looking for answers from experts and enthusiasts? Easily submit questions and start a discussion in Tapatalk.

- Find and pick your interests: cars, mobile, Minecraft, Clash of Clan, weight loss, fashion, sports and more

- Read funny, interesting, touching, smart discussions about your interests happening now from all over the internet

- Submit questions, pics, video and get feedback from others

- Meet + chat with other enthusiasts just like you

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What's New

This update focus in performance and memory usage improvement, as well as breaking up the site listing into its own tab. Discussion card now take up the full width of your screen to show more text with wider image preview.

Site listing is now in its own "Following" tab, it also has shortcut to the sub-forums you have subscribed to (you can also hide it if you don't like it). We are also making it easier for you to rearrange site order as well as removing sites.

The main Tab bar now has text label to make it easier to recognize, as well as a Settings to make it to hide when you enter into Forum home and any other secondary views.

The app now gives you more control on the Feed to let you unsubscribe anything easily by simply tapping the "v" icon on the upper right corner of each Discussion Card on the Feed.

We also improve WordPress, Blog and RSS support - look for more RSS sites curated into Tapatalk and add them to your Feed.

We also added the Email Notification Settings to let you subscribe and unsubscribe all Tapatalk originated emails.

We hope you enjoy the update. If you have specific usability issue especially to a specific site, you can now tap the "Contact Us" from the Profile tab (Me). Just send us an email and we will help you within two business days.

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