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Riposte is the best-looking, most powerful, and easiest-to-use app for having great conversations on

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WHAT IS APP.NET? is the awesome foundation that applications like Riposte are built on. Need an account? Download " Passport" ( for iOS to signup for free.

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Riposte is designed exclusively for ADN, with native support for multi-user Private Messages, Image Uploads, Interactions, and more.

The optional full-screen view gives you extra room to read those lengthy 256-character posts. It looks really cool in dark mode, too.

Navigate everywhere with just one thumb. Reach all the controls without having to change your grip. Swipe anywhere to go back, even from a web view.

Swipe on a post to view a conversation. Sometimes conversations can get noisy with replies from users who aren't a part of the main thread. Turn on "Hide Hop-Ons" to hide these replies from view.

Stay up-to-date with interactive push notifications. We’ll let you know about mentions, reposts, stars, follows, and private messages, with fine-grained controls for each.

Upgrade to Riposte Pro for amazing power-user features, including Drafts, Custom Typefaces, and QuickView for Private Messages.

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Details matter. Here are just a few:

Riposte’s flexible design works with multiple accounts as well as it does with one. Change accounts with a tap.

100 percent Voice Over coverage: every screen, every feature is fully accessible to those with visual impairments.

Launch popular password management apps with one tap from any sign-in screen (if you have one installed).

Reading a mention post in your Unified Timeline will also mark it as read in your Mentions feed.

Riposte intelligently excludes your username when replying-to-all or when you accidentally reply to your own reply.

Optional enhancement of your pixel art avatar or cover images will make them look as crisp as the day their pixels were first pushed.

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What's New

New in Version 1.6
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[PRO] Native cross-posting to Twitter. Thrill two sets of friends at once with your rapier-like wit.

[NEW] Simplified the interface to be more harmonious with (though not a strict interpretation of) the iOS 7 aesthetic. Removed all remaining traces of gloss from the app like Dexter scrubbing blood stains on the Slice of Life.

[NEW] A gaggle of user interface improvements. Of note, we improved the colors used for Dark Mode. They’re now less contrasty, gray as gray milk.

[NEW] Jackson Thomas Guy.

[NEW] Font choices are now used for all interface strings, instead of just some of them. Okay, okay. Well, there are a few settings screens that aren’t updated yet, but the stuff you look at from day-to-day is good to go. It's a work in progress. Leave us alone! Stop taunting us! Waaaaaah!

[NEW] Ripped out all the old sharing code. Riposte is now using OvershareKit, an open-source sharing library for iOS. This replaces all existing third-party sharing settings. You will be required to sign in again in some cases.

[FIX] I have … no name! Fixed a crasher when viewing posts from users without display names. Do not fear the ob-stackles in yo path.

[FIX] Improved smart punctuation: ellipses, en- and em- dashes. The correct single quote is used for decade abbreviations, too. Helps when you’re quoting lines from E.T., like “This is the ’80s, Greg.”

[FIX] You will see a … cow, on the roof of a cotton house.

[FIX] Fixed a couple of bugs exposed by future versions of iOS.

[FIX] Improved the ordering of user search results when typing an @mention or when using the user search feature.

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