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World Rockets

World Rockets

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A quick look at some of the greatest rockets the world has ever seen; and two rockets yet to be built. Each of the 16 rockets includes:
☞ A picture of the rocket
☞ A picture of the rocket's originating country's flag
☞ General Statistics (height, thrust, maiden flight, etc...)
☞ "More Info": a more detailed look

Some countries, such as China and the former USSR, have chosen to keep some details undisclosed.

Here's a list of the rockets included:
✍ Space Shuttle [United States]
✍ Saturn IB [United States]
✍ Saturn V [United States]
✍ Ares I [United States]
✍ Ares V [United States]
✍ Titan II [United States]
✍ Mercury-Redstone [United States]
✍ N1 [USSR]*
✍ Proton [USSR]
✍ Buran [USSR]*
✍ Soyuz [USSR/Russia]
✍ Vega [European Union]
✍ Ariane 5 [European Union]
✍ Ariane 4 [European Union]
✍ Ariane 1 [European Union]
✍ Long March [People's Republic of China]*

*Some details undisclosed

Rockets is perfect for the astronomy enthusiast; it's an at-a-glance guide at some of the best and most powerful rockets in the history of mankind.

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