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From the creator of isoHunt, WonderSwipe rethinks the whole process of search to answers. With summarized search results extracted per webpage, you speed through answer finding & reading. That’s on top of 10-100x faster loading than HTML-based browsers, + further speed gain with our namesake swipe-through-everything UI. Here’s all that WonderSwipe does differently, so you can mind meld with the Web:

1. Faster search: 10-100x search results loading & rendering, as measured in app vs. Safari & Chrome

2. Reader mode (clean text, like Safari's) with summary of each article, perfectly formatted for mobile screens. So you can browse & find answers in shortened summaries faster still, beyond the 10-100x loading speed up

3. No tabs: Easily swipe through search results, no back & forward in browser history or fiddling with background browser tabs

4. Privacy: beautifully formatted & keyword highlighted text summaries also means no ads, no trackers, no distraction

5. Hands-free mode with automatic scrolling, while search summaries are read out like audiobooks

After 2 years of development, WonderSwipe phase 1 is now ready. It is designed from the ground up to find you the answers you search for, in the fastest way possible. A refreshing change from mega tech corporations nowadays, sinking more and more of our time to draw our attention for advertisers. And the Web should be a great library first, advertisers’ interest second.

Note that WonderSwipe is not a browser replacement. It reimagined it, as a most efficient Web research & reference tool. It elevates your search experience best when your web search is newsy or topical, involves some subjective opinion, and returns search result articles with text for summarization. It will later add a social highlighting & annotation layer, so learners can help other learners like you based on each others' curation, even more quickly surfacing diamonds in the search results rough, together.

For web apps where you need full HTML & Javascript, WonderSwipe embeds Safari Web views that’s always one tap away.


To achieve ridiculous speed, WonderSwipe summarizes text within each search result, bypassing complex HTML rendering and Javascript (where possible). This gets rid of trackers & advertising as well!

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What's New

• Faster faster faster! Now optimized for iOS 12
• Lessened CPU/battery drain in background processing of google search results, updated results parsing
• Layout added for new iPhone XS Max
• Fixed 2s hang on turning off speech mode, speaking out all search summaries (speaker icon on bottom right)
• Icons update (3 icons on bottom right): Browser icon now use safari/chrome on ios/the other smartphone os that shalt not be named, replacing globe icon before. New share icon. Improved alignment and fixed positions staying put.
• Improved article title, date, site name, blurb extraction (shown on summary headers)
• Fixed full article text view enlarging summary sentence that was tapped on, multiple times
• Fixed full text view jerking back, if you scrolled right after it's tapped open and images loading

We're actively developing WonderSwipe. It’s not working right for you? Let us know and help at support@wonderswipe.com.

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