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Sworn To Secrecy

Sworn To Secrecy

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Sworn To Secrecy
Annette Salverson.

This is the first time this book has been published due to the official secrets act.

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Bletchley Park was perhaps one of the greatest tools Britain had in winning the second world war, and without Bletchley park the outcome might have been very different.

Bletchley park and it's secrets have held great fascination for many including Mick Jagger who helped finance a film on Bletchley park.

Behind Bletchley parks walls are held untold secrets about how it operated during those turbulent years, and the vital secret codes that were deciphered there.

They have had to remain a secret due to the governments officials secrets act, until now!

Annette Salverson, now in her 80,s is a fascinating women with a mischievous sense on humor and a strict sense of discipline but to date been bound by the officials secret act, she is however now free to disclose some of her incredible experiences working with and at Bletchley park during this dangerous exciting, and even romantic time.

Annette was thrilled to be part of this rarified and secret world of code and cipher at Bletchley, messages sent from behind enemy lines by brave secret agents were the every day norm, and the greatest minds were put to good use in decoding these important messages, these people were and are unsung heroes.

Annette's amazing story will transport you to a world of selfless bravery where both men and women put their lives on the line for love of country, they never gave it a second thought. We all owe them a great debt of gratitude.

After those heady war years Annette enjoyed a very different lifestyle being married for ten years and living in exotic Singapore.

Sadly the marriage did not last and Annette returned to London where she found an interesting position with the daily telegraph's diary column. This position enabled her to have access to some of London's premiere events, and also entre to the elite world of privileged society.

Despite this very glamorous lifestyle Annette never forgot her secret past and the people she served with during those dangerous war years. Her step father was a prisoner of war at the infamous Shangri prison.

One of her most prized and treasured possessions are his diaries which contain a detailed account as to how he survived these torturous years and separation from his family.

Annette would after all these years of secrecy would love to be in touch with any of the surviving veterans of this incredible, time there are reported to be around 5000 still alive.

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