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Soheh Muslim

Soheh Muslim

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This App aims to close the gap between the English and the Arabic version of the Hadith out there where we can now easily refer to the original Arabic text with tashkeel that contains the correct wording of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and in addition includes the complete chain of narrators.

Please support us by downloading our other paid Apps so we can keep this App free for everyone. Jazakumullahu khayran.

Soheh Muslim App features include :

- More than 7000 Hadith in this collection.
- English & Arabic reference included.
- Easily switch between English & Arabic text for fast reference.
- Arabic text featuring complete chain of narrators.
- Arabic text with full tashkeel for ease of reading especially for non arabic speakers.
- Super fast keyword search function works in both English and Arabic.
- Create & manage your own category and group your selected Hadith within.
- Bookmark Hadith for quick reference later.
- Share Hadith on Facebook.
- Create your own notes on each Hadith. Usefull while studying or analysing each Hadith.
- Send Hadith via email within this App.
- Copy & Paste functions enabled within Hadith View.
- Users can utilise the built-in iOS dictionary function for any selected word.
- Simple & nice user interface to ease navigation within App. All functions are easily accessible within few touches only.


Users are advised to crosscheck the Hadith with other resources to ensure its originality and at the same time gain clarity of the meanings and messages that are conveyed as well as referring to the right Islamic scholar for elaborations, as these are the Sunnah (actions, sayings, guidelines) of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. that one should not misinterpret or misjudge by which may eventually contribute to fitnah on Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. * (Abdullah bin Amr bin Al As reported - Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. said, "Convey from me even an Ayah of the Qur'an; relate traditions from Banu Israel, and there is no restriction on that; but he who deliberately forges a lie against me, let him have his abode in the Hell." [Soheh Bukhari])

May Allah rewards those who contributed to all the original works and grant them the highest place in paradise. May Allah guide us all to the right path and save us from hell fire.


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