Power Engineer's Toolset

Power Engineer's Toolset

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This app provides a set of tools for electric power calculations. The following set of of tools are included in this app:

1 - 48V DC Power System Design
2 - Battery Capacity and Lifetime
3 - Power Factor Correction
4 - Generic Power Supply Design
5 - DC Power System Simulator
6 - Battery Recharge Simulator
7 - Delta and Wye Transformations

48V DC Power System Design tool walks you through a complete design process with entries required for such design. With this tool all components of a DC power system can be calculated including rectifiers, inverters, batteries, AC power source capacity and AC load current. This tool also comes with a battery capacity calculator.

Battery Capacity and Lifetime tool calculates actual capacity and lifetime of a battery given rated capacity (in ampere hours), peukert's exponent, at hour rating (in hours) and discharge rate (in amperes). With this tool actual performance of a battery used for electric cars, solar energy panels or industrial equipment or any other types of application can be calculated.

Power Factor Correction tool calculates capacitance required to obtain desired power factor. An effective power factor correction can save thousands of dollars in electric power usage. The results calculated are displayed next to a drawing of a typical transmission line with inductive loads such as motors. Several AC voltages and AC load current for each service voltage selected is calculated as entries are selected.

Generic Power Supply Simulator simulates load current calculations instantly. Results are displayed on a single line diagram of a typical power system as the entries are selected. Results are also displayed on a tabular format for easy referencing and documenting.

Generic Power Supply Design tool comes with a tutorial to walk you through the design process including a single line diagram and a case study with step-by-step instructions for designing UPS.

Battery Recharge Simulator tool simulates battery recharge current drain given load current on a single line diagram representing a typical power battery system.

Delta-Wye Transformations tool performs electrical network transformations for delta and wye networks for impedances. This tool can be used for electrical network transformations for both real and complex impedances.

All of the tools included can be used in engineering of electric power systems and associated elements and they can all be used to gain practical insight into real world applications.

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