Health Care and Medical Industry

Health Care and Medical Industry

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Visualize, trend, track and compare global Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks trade, production and usage.

Compare unlimited countries over time by simply clicking their flags
6 different chart types
3D options for Pie charts
Export your custom charts for use in other projects
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Rotate and render

Reports Groups:
"Production of artificial joints for orthopedic purposes"
"Production of artificial parts of the body (excl. artificial teeth and dental fittings and artificial joints)"
"Production of hearing aids (excl. parts and accessories)"
"Production of medical electro-diagnostic apparatus, ultra-violet or infra-red ray apparatus"
"Production of needles, catheters, cannulae and the like"
"Production of pacemakers for stimulating heart muscles (excl. parts and accessories)"
"Production of syringes, with or without needles"
"Production of contact lenses"
"Production of X-ray apparatus"
"Production of instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking pressure of liquids or gasses"
"Production of instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking pressure of liquids or gasses"
"Production of frames and mountings for spectacles, goggles or the like"
"Production of spectacle lenses of glass or other materials"
"Production of sunglasses"
"Production of lasers, other than laser diodes"
"Production of optical fibbers, optical fibre bundles and cables excluding optical fibre cables, made up of individually sheathed fibers"
"Production of objective lenses for cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers or reducers"
"Production of photographic (other than cinematographic) cameras"
"Production of photographic plates, film and paper"
"Production of radar apparatus, radio navigational aid apparatus and radio remote control apparatus"
"Production of thermostats"
"Production of clocks"
"Production of watches"

All major/mid-range players

Data provided by member nations to the United Nations.

Requires an active network.

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