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LDS Escrituras

LDS Escrituras

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LDS Escrituras is the Spanish version of the LDS Scriptures app by Standard Works LLC. Now with TrueTabs™ feature!

It is the only app for any device that contains the newly released LDS Edition of the Spanish Bible, Reina-Valera 2009!

LDS Escrituras is simply the best Spanish scripture app available. It has the most content, updates, support, and best implemented features of any scriptures app. Other apps mention some of the same features, but offer only simplistic implementations of them.

This app contains many features not found in other apps such as: emailing, fast navigation, auto-scrolling text, colored word/phrase highlighting, hierarchical bookmarks, inline notes, custom footnotes and cross-references, exact location histories, shareable content, and much more - other apps don't even come close!

Content includes the entire LDS Standard Works, the gospel study guide, Joseph Smith translation, and a few misc. documents. And for your convenience, every scriptural reference throughout this content is already linked. For a more complete list of content and features, see the lists below.

Over 2,600 additional resources can be downloaded into the app from (magazines, institute manuals, art books, talks, and much more)

• NEW! Automatically download magazine issues each month
• TrueTabs™ Open up to 20 tabs - vastly better feature than other app's multi-page features
• Load virtually any of your own content into the app (Word, Powerpoint, Numbers, PDF, txt, etc.)
• Very fast verse locator (3-5 seconds)
• Verse tagging (assign unlimited number of tags to each verse/paragraph - Faith, Lesson 5, etc.)
• Auto-scrolling text
• Advanced highlighting (24 total colors, underline, bold, italic; word, phrase, or verse)
• Advanced bookmarks (organize into sub-folders, update, rename, copy, paste)
• Bookmarks for all scripture mastery verses already included
• Advanced notes (see notes in-line while reading, icon)
• Advanced history (restores you to the exact location in a chapter)
• Advanced verse slider (takes you to exact verse quickly)
• Instant Search that takes you to the exact verse
• Advanced footnotes and cross-references (create your own even!)
• Drill-down through as many layers of verses and cross-references as you want
• Remembers exact location you were reading at (w/ animated satin bookmark)
• Font sizing via pinching
• Backup/restore personal data
• Landscape reading mode
• Customize colors, font, margins and alignment


Entire Standard Works (book intros, chapter headings, footnotes, cross-references, etc.):
• Antiguo Testamento (Reina Valera 2009!)
• Nuevo Testamento (Reina Valera 2009!)
• El Libro de Mormón
• Doctrina y Convenios
• La Perla de Gran Precio
• Traducción de José Smith

• NEW! All of the text for the Spanish hymns is now included

Study Helps:
• Guía para el Estudio de las Escrituras

• La Familia: Una proclamación para el mundo
• El Cristo Viviente: El testimonio de los Apóstoles

What's new

Fixed crash when tapping on ... button.
Stability improvements.


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