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Soulver is a revolutionary calculator replacement app. Its powerful UI lets you do calculations over multiple lines, and use can also use words alongside numbers, so that they make sense.

Soulver is great for back-of-the-envelope calculations, currency conversions while travelling, working out percentages, calculations involving changing variables, and much more.

Soulver supports Dropbox & iCloud syncing, and is also available for macOS.


- Instant answers as you type (no need to use equals!).

- Spread your calculations over multiple lines (so your brain doesn't explode).

- Reference previous answers in your current line (kind of like a mini-spreadsheet).

- Annotate numbers with inline labels (you'll thank yourself later when you read them back!).

- Do percentage calculations using natural phrases "15% off $350" (has support for 9 different percentage phrases).

- Supports over 150 currencies (including Bitcoin), and has a specially designed currency keyboard for quick conversions.

- Custom variables across all your documents, and a special keyboard for quick access to them.

- All standard math and programming functions, also available on specially designed keyboards.

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What's New

- Support for multitasking features, including Split View & Slide Over.
- Better support for iPads Pros.
- Fixed a bug where keyboard popovers had incorrect rotation in landscape on iPad.
- Fixed a bug with the trig popover not hiding when you lift your finger in portrait on iPad.

- Fixed an issue with the app icon on plus-sized iPhones.
- Moved the return & delete keys to the bottom row on the iPhone number pad for easier access.

- Soulver can now access files in both iCloud & Dropbox (previously you would have to choose a provider), and move files between storage providers.
- Hold down on the new file button (+) to duplicate your current file, or import from other file providers, like Box.
- Drafts are now stored in iCloud or Dropbox. Choose your preference in the settings.
- Move all files between iCloud or Dropbox, using the migration feature the settings.
- Deleted files are stored in a trash and can be recovered.

- Access undo via a new button in the toolbar. Shake-to-undo has been disabled.

- Redesigned currencies settings to be easier to use.
- Use the base currency of your present country automatically.
- Switched to CoinDesk for Bitcoin rates.

- Variables defined in the keyboard can now include % signs.
- Last used keyboard mode (ABC or 123) will be remembered across launches.
- The clear all button has been removed from the delete key popup.

- Brighter syntax colours.
- Fixed percentage operators in Chinese.
- Soulver now requires iOS 9 or later.

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