Textkraft Pro - Write text, research, correct & share

Textkraft Pro - Write text, research, correct & share

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Textkraft is a professional text editor for mobile use. The extensive import and export features, easy and precise cursor navigation, selection guides, text styles, keyboard extensions and built-in dictionaries with synonyms are making the app one-of-a-kind.

• "Textkraft is the best text environment I’ve discovered yet"- technologytell.com
• "The de facto intelligent text processor" - top rating at theiPadtop.com
• "This incredibly feature-rich app goes well above and beyond what’s expected of a mobile word processor" - top rating at TheiPhoneAppReview.com
• "For years, regular updates and prompt support" - echoboxx

••• Textkraft Professional offers all the premium features and dictionaries for all languages without in-app purchases or other surcharges!

• Work with many documents at once
• Switch between documents with a swipe gesture
• Document overview with comparison function
• Precise cursor navigation places the cursor, while others are still waiting for the "magnifying glass"
• Fast navigation in large documents
• Select word, sentence or paragraph with just a tap
• Extend text selections to the left and right without finger fractures
• Change capitalization with one tap – no navigation required
• Unlimited Undo/Redo
• Search and smart replace (SASR)
• Insert quotation marks and brackets with a single tap
• Forward delete, tabulator, symbols and special characters
• All onscreen and bluetooth keyboards (with shortcuts) supported
• Dictate with Siri and navigate with VoiceOver
• Color themes incl. night mode
• Text statistics + Flesch readability index

• 16 dictionaries: Dansk, Deutsch, English (AUS, CAN, GB, IN, US), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português (PT, BR), Русский, Svenska, Türkçe
• Extended dictionaries with thesaurus for English, Français, German, Español
• All dictionaries are working offline
• Switch between languages without changing the keyboard
• Search in Wikipedia, translate words and look up several online dictionaries
• The Spell-Aid button jumps to unknown words
• Unknown words can be added
• Disturbing autocorrections can be disabled
• Places all diacritical marks automatically
• Comprehensive text to speech function

• 20 font faces
• Supports "dynamic type" feature
• Text styles (bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, superscript and subscript) and 3 headline styles without explicit selection applicable
• Highlighter in various colors
• Enumeration function and interactive check boxes
• Flexible paragraph and line spacing
• PDF creation and printing with WYSIWYG preview: adjust font size, pagination and printing options

• Direct access to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, BOX and local storage
• Fast access to recently edited and favorite documents
• Edit originals or create copies of documents
• Open MS Office documents, PDF, RTF, HTML, images and various other formats as working model
• Delete/rename/create files and folders
• Exports as plain text, Markdown, PDF or HTML
• All Mac- Linux- and Windows text encodings
• Print documents with AirPrint printers

• Send text via e-mail, iMessage, SMS or MMS
• Data sharing with other apps or devices (AirDrop)
• Post directly to Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo
• Fast text selection and shortening before posting
• Divide large texts automatically in multiple messages

• Activate passcode lock with Touch ID support to avoid unauthorized access
• Texts can be saved local. Textkraft does not force you to use a cloud service.
• Supports Apple Data Protection
• ANTI-SPY GUARANTEE: infovole GmbH is committed to compliance with European data protection laws. Your documents are not evaluated, or made accessible to third parties or us.

What's New

- Improved handling of large documents
- Fixed problems with Overview thumbnails, swiping documents, checkboxes, sending e-mails, Recent list, tabs, Siri dictation and multitasking gestures
- Fixed keyboard closing and invisible buttons on iOS 8.3

- "Search And Smart Replace" (SASR) toolbar
- Document "Overview" controller
- File and text comparison
- Native Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive support
- Comprehensive text to speech function
- Scroll bar for huge preview documents
- "Extended Forward Delete" function made for professional translators
- Paragraph and line spacing can be modified
- Automatic prefix detection on return
- Improved sentence selection
- Opens RTF and images as preview documents
- Share preview documents
- Print images and PDFs
- See file modification date and size before loading
- Mark folders as favourites
- Open external look ups in Safari
- Unlock passcode protection with TouchID
- Improved BOX, iCloud Drive, Evernote, VoiceOver and iOS 7 support
- Reduced memory usage
- Supports style shortcuts of external keyboards with automatic selection
- Many more improvements on experienced functions
- Bug fixes
Full list and more details on our blog (infovole.com )

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