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Speech Writer Text Editor

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Speech Writer is the perfect writing tool for creating your public speakings, discourses, sermons, talks and presentation texts. It's a must have for speechwriters and public speakers.

With Speech Writer you can:

· Organize your work in unlimited notebooks, folders and subfolders. Customize the covers of your notebooks

· Write, edit, highlight and insert clues in your speech text

· Text to Speech for proofreading with text being read aloud starting at the cursor position

· Update and automatically sync your documents across your devices using iCloud

· Full-text search your library of documents to find content

· Send your documents to your computer via iCloud Drive

· Never worry about losing your work, everything is automatically saved as you type

· Typewriter (Focus) mode. Distraction-Free mode that keeps only the paragraph you’re typing at the center of the screen, letting you focus on what you’re writing

· Supports split-screen. Run Speech Writer side by side with other apps like PowerPoint, Keynote, Safari, Notes, Word Studio or Microsoft Word

· Use advanced RTF formatting: Bold, italic, underline, highlight, strikethrough, subscript/superscript, alignment, line and paragraph spacing, first-line indent, page breaks, footnotes, comments, text and paper color, page margins, etc.

· View PDF and PowerPoint documents and import Microsoft Word documents

· Create snapshots (versions) of your documents

· Zip folders/notebooks and email them as an attachment

· Create your own templates for new documents

· Exclusive extra keyboard row with direct access to styling and punctuation functions

· Quick keys for tab, forward delete, cursor up/down/left/right, etc.

· Tap and hold to easily set your own custom keyboard buttons to your commonly-used keys, special symbols, text snippets or hard to reach characters

· Full statistics like number of characters, words, sentences, lines, Avg. Word Lenght, Words per sentence and reading time

· Supports Wireless keyboards and keyboard shortcuts

· Export, share and print your documents to multiple formats like RTF, PDF, ePub, HTML, RTFD, TXT etc. Send your documents to other apps or via email as an attachment

· Protect individually your folders/notebooks with a password, very useful for iPads with more than one user in office, classroom or home

· Insert special symbols and characters like arrows, parentheses, punctuation, maths, bullets/stars, pictografs, web links, GPS location, etc.

· Let us know via email (contact @studio5apps.com) or Twitter @studio5apps if you run into any problems or have feature suggestions

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What's New

--- Thanks for all the helpful feedback! Let us know via email (contact@studio5apps.com) or Twitter @studio5apps if you run into any problems or have feature suggestions --- If you like this app, please take the time to give us a nice review: it really helps.

Speech Writer 4.2 - Fixed minor bugs and improved performance

4.0 - New file rename UI, quicker and easier
- Improved iPhone X support and iPad Pro
- Fixed minor iOS 11 bugs and improved performance

3.3 - Fixed iPhone "close" panel bug
- Fixed iOS 11 minor bugs and improved performance

3.2 - iOS 11 Files app document providers supported. You can now open/save all kind of documents directly from the new Files app, so Speech Writer can now access any iOS document provider like OneDrive, GDrive, Dropbox, Box, webDAV, etc.
- Fixed minor bugs and improved performance

3.1 - Fixed the Read Aloud voice rate bug on iOS 10
- Fixed several bugs and improved performance.
- Improved iOS 10.2 support.

2.9 - Ads have been removed!
- Improved iOS 10.x support. Fixed minor bugs, improved performance

2.3 - Write in Speech Writer and listen to music at the same time on Music, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc.
- Read Aloud document (Text to speech) works on background mode too
- Fixed minor bugs and improved stability

2.2 - Fixed minor bugs and improved stabitily
2.1 - Improved Text to Speech (Read Aloud) feature
- Added Night mode
- Added old typewriter sounds to the keys on keyboard
- Minor bug fixes

2.0 - Improved performance and fixed minor bugs
1.8 - Fixed minor bugs and improved stability

1.7 - Improved RTF Support
- Fixed minor bugs and improved stability

1.5 - Improve Find&Replace on document
- Fixed minor bugs and improved performance

1.4 - Fixed the pre-defined color palette inspector
- Fixed minor bugs

1.3 - Added more than 60 new fonts to be used in your documents. Special mention for the Courier Prime font and OpenDyslexic for users with dyslexia.
- Added advanced text statistics like syllables counter, Readability Index, Smog Index and Flesh Kincaid Reading Ease.
- Full-text search across all locations (local documents and iCloud)
- Fixed opaque backgrounds in your customized folder covers. Now it's transparent.
- Document snapshots are supported now in iCloud location too
- Fixed a ton of minor bugs…;)

1.2 - Improved iCloud Drive sync
- Changed app name to Speech Writer

1.1 - Fixed some minor bugs and improved performance
- Added new features like email multiple documents in one attachment or zip and email folders.

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