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GraphPad Pro - Release 2

GraphPad Pro - Release 2

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De-support Disclaimer.

GraphPad Pro - Release 2 will no longer be updated and is only available for existing customers. New customers should purchase GraphPad Pro - Release3, which has all the same features and has been discounted for this introductory period.

GraphPad Pro is a touch based engineering drawing application specifically designed for contractors who need to make accurate dimensional drawings while in the field. Sketch a design and GraphPad will snap the lines into alignment and leave you with a discrete set of points to work with. Round corners and add drill holes with the exact radius. Add dimensions and translate lines to accurately capture precise measurements. Finish your design by adding pictures, symbols and text; then email it to clients and co-workers while still on-site.

GraphPad – Engineering drawing made easy!

List of features:

General Drawing features:
Sketch with automatic line straightening and angle snap
Creates continuous smooth curves
New line starting end point automatically snaps to the grid
Angle snap user settable (Off, 10,30,45 Degrees)

Supports English inches, feet, yards and miles
Supports Metric millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers
Supports scale multiples of 1/100, 1/10, 1, 10, 100, 1000 of selected units
Scale slider allows easy scale from .5 - 10 times units

Create a dimension on an object with one touch
Supports line lengths, point to point, point to line and radius dimensions
Dimensions automatically adjust when the scale is changed
Objects of fixed dimensions automatically re-size when scale is changed

Features only available in GraphPad Pro

Calculate Areas of closed shapes
Calculate total line lengths of selected lines

Import images from the Photo Library
Import images from webpages, by copying them to the Photo Library
Rotate, scale and crop images
Set images to allow resizing, proportional resizing, or fixed size
Set images to allow or restrict rotation
Images rotate to the user specified angle snap
Display image dimensions for scaled images

Store an image or geometry in the user library
Stored images retain image properties on size, dimensions and rotation

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What's New

This is the final update for GraphPad Pro – Release 2. New users are strongly encouraged to purchase Release 3, since this version of GraphPad Pro will no longer be supported after this update.

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