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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is _not_ a free consumer app. This special version of GoodReader® is intended for Enterprise users and government agencies, and it requires an activation key, as well as special corporate server provided by Good Technology company. Please contact Good Technology to purchase the key (1-866-7-BEGOOD or If you're not an Enterprise user with necessary server infrastructure, please consider our standard consumer “GoodReader” app.

“GoodReader for Good” is a special edition of the world’s top selling PDF reader – specifically designed for Good for Enterprise users. GoodReader for Good combines the world’s top selling document viewer and file manager for iPad and iPhone with the absolute document security of Good for Enterprise.
When looking for a secure way for employees to view and annotate PDF files on-the-go, individuals, companies and government agencies throughout the world have chosen GoodReader. The only PDF viewer to achieve the rank of top ten best-selling paid iPad apps of all time, GoodReader achieved its success by easily handling huge PDF and TXT files, navigating manuals, large books, maps, and magazines with great speed.

The ability to annotate and mark-up PDFs enables users to handwrite notes and add sticky notes, lines, arrows, and freehand drawings on top of a PDF file. In addition, GoodReader for Good is also able to open MS Office files, pictures, audio and video.

Companies must mitigate the risk of sending confidential documents on small, easily lost or stolen devices such as iPhones and iPads. With GoodReader for Good, your files will always be encrypted and password protected and, if necessary, your company can have the ability to remote wipe data should your device has gone missing.

While the Good for Enterprise app ensures secure encrypted transmission of files from your office to your company's iPads and iPhones, GoodReader for Good makes sure that they're securely stored while your employees are working with them. Backed up by Good's industry-leading FIPS-certified encryption, GoodReader for Good makes absolutely sure that your files are always encrypted, even while you're viewing and annotating them.

What's New

Text-to-speech for PDF and TXT files:
- select a text in a PDF and use the "Speak" command from a popup menu
- tap-and-hold an empty spot on a PDF page and use the "Speak" button to speak the entire page or the entire document
- use the loudspeaker button to speak a TXT document
- change the language of the speech generator on the fly, without interrupting the speech. No need to go to the system menu and change the device's default language.
- change the speech speed on the fly
- audio player-like controls: pause, resume, skip and rewind
- continue browsing the document while the speech generator is speaking
- text being spoken is highlighted in real time
- TXT document will auto-scroll to follow the speech
- iOS 7 or later is required

Other new features, improvements and bug fixes:
- VoiceOver compatibility
- bookmarks will also appear in annotation summaries for PDF files
- bookmarks on PDF pages are now shown in Page Management view
- bookmarks are now properly updated when rearranging, deleting, extracting and merging PDF pages
- new options in app settings allow to exclude dates and author names from PDF annotation summaries

Some iPad-specific features adopted for the large screens of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:
- grid view for file browser - files can now be presented as icons with larger previews
- double-page layout for PDF files
- page rotation for PDF files

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