Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker

Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker

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LifeHacker: "The app is responsive, nice to look at, allows you to set daily reminders, and just works better than the others."

Achieve your goals by defining the regular activity that will get you closer to them and then tracking it. Whether it's "Write a Book" by "Spend 1 hour writing every day" or "Get Fit" by "Visit the gym 3 times a week", simply defining the actions and watching your progress will help you get there.

Once you've defined your goal, you use Goal Streaks to track the days you work on it. Build up a "streak" by hitting the schedule you define and then try to make the streak as long as possible. Use the daily notification to remind yourself to stay on track.

Goal Streaks lets you:

* Add as many goals as you like
* Review all your goals in a single dashboard view (along with the previous week of activity)
* Tap on a date to mark that day 'done'
* View your activity in a full-screen calendar view (smoothly scrolling from month to month)
* Tap and hold on a date to add a note
* Set your target streak length
* Optionally, set a daily reminder for each goal at a time you choose

What's New

If you upgraded to Goal Streaks version 2.0 from an earlier version, then a bug might have resulted in duplication of some goals. This version adds a (Settings, Advanced, Check Database) function to check for, and remove, the duplicates. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If Goal Streaks empowers you, I'd appreciate an App Store review. It really helps other people to find Goal Streaks and start achieving their own goals.

If you've any questions, mail me at goalstreaks@peerassembly.com

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