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Chemical Engineering Formulator

Chemical Engineering Formulator

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CHEMICAL ENGINEER is the perfect tool for any Chemical Engineer, Process Engineering or engineering student. Our app contains 100 important formulas needed by Chemical Engineers.
In addition to the current 100 formulas, for Chemical Engineering, there are nearly 100 conversion formulas in the program.

Major areas covered in the program currently include: Air Quality, Area Formulas, CFC, Cogeneration, Cost Benefit, Crusher, Energy Loss, Evaporation, Infiltration and Recharge, Lake Pollution, Stack Heights, Power Plant Thermals, River Pollution, Soil Pollution, Steam, Vapors and Waste.

All formulas can be saved. You can access recent or favorite formulas. You can also e-mail the results of any formula. If you do not see a formula you need or like, just e-mail us and we will try to include your request in the next update.

• Corrected Particulate
• Electrostatic Precipitator
• Spacing Between
• Emission Calculation
• Pollutants Emitted
• Voc Compound
• Voc Compound Multiple
• Epa List of Hazardous Air Pollutants
• Items that are Not VOC

• Central Chilled Water Systems
• Required Tank Capacity
• Diameter of Tank
• Area of Base
• Load

• Congregation Heat Recovery Boil
• Average Lmtd of Boiler
• Gas Pressure Drop

• Cost
• Project Payback
• Coal Generated Plant
• Money Saved From Removal

• Crusher Power Input
• Crusher Capacity
• Mesh Size
• Power For Crusher
• Cooling – Water Flow Rate
• Kneader Load Gallons
• Power Input
• Heat To Be Removed
• Cooling Water Flow Rate

• Energy Loss
• Wetted Area In Tank
• Energy Loss Tank
• Dry Inside
• Energy Loss Dry
• Heat Loss From Ground

• Evaporation and Transpiration
• Relative Humidity
• Evaporation Rate of Lake
• Potential Evapotranspiration

• Infiltration and Recharge
• Porosity
• Maximum Soil Moisture
• Volumetric Water Content
• Solid Density
• Dry Bulk Density
• Soil Water Pressure
• Hydraulic Head of Soil
• Specific Discharge
• Mean Pore Velocity
• Hydraulic Conductivity
• Infiltration Rate
• Overland Flow
• Holtan’s Model of Infiltration
• Groundwater Recharge

• Late Pollution
• Waste Entering
• Equilibrium Concentration
• Settling Loss Rate
• Particle Deposition Rate

• Pollution
• Required To Clean Beach
• Power Plant Thermal
• Heated Added
• Heat Rejected
• Effective Stack Heights For Disposition
• Flow Rate to Mole
• Allowable Concentration
• Distance From Stack
• Height of Plume

• River Pollution
• River Oxygen Deficit
• Critical Time for Oxygen Deficit
• Re-Aeration Constants
• Critical Distance For Oxygen Deficit
• River Flow
• Water Temperature
• Dissolved Oxygen
• Effect of Waste on Water Quality
• Distance From Source
• Downstream Waste Concentration
• Required levels
• Non-Conservative Substances
• Dispersion Coefficient

• Soil Pollution
• Groundwater Pore Velocity
• Effective Diffusion
• Hydrodynamic Dispersion
• Aquifer Parameter
• Variance of Pore Velocity

• Steam
• Pounds Per Steam Per Hour
• Condensate Louds Lbs of Steam
• Water
• Fuel Oil
• Gas/Air
• Steam Transmission Line
• Pipe Diameter
• Actual Steam Pressure
• Pressure Drop
• Maximum Temperature Difference
• Enthalpy Change

• Sizing Vertical Liquid Separators
• Vapor Volumetric Flow
• Density of The Vapor
• Terminal Vapor Velocity
• Allowable Vapor Velocity
• Separator Area
• Separator Diameter
• Sizing Rupture Disks

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