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Bluegestures provides its users with a way to share files, photos, music and tasks between two iPhones and/or iPod Touches. Transfer files from your computer, carry them in your pocket, and share what you want, how you want and with whom you want instantly.

Bluegestures also provides users the ability to form a private social network of Real Friends without the need for public online or cellular services.

It's your information. So why shouldn't you be the one with total control over it?

*Peer-to-Peer* - Bluegestures makes file sharing and swapping contact information simple.

1. Open Bluegestures
2. Select Peer-to-Peer
3. Choose “Connect”
4. Choose a file to Share (Documents, Photos, Tasks, Etc..)
5. Send File
5. Disconnect

“If you invite someone to share files on your phone we think they already qualify as a ‘Real Friend’. So, we’ve made contact exchange an automatic process. No Bumping, No Shaking, and No Internet connection required. Of course if you don’t want to share contact information you can always turn it off.”

*Real Friends* - Since we've already explained that contact exchange is an automated process here's what you can expect to see inside this section of the app. When a friend is placed here the information that is presented to you is their real name, email address and phone number, but wait, there’s more (in my Billy Mays voice R.I.P) we’ve also included the time and date of your synch and as a bonus we'll show you exactly where your synch took place as a pushpin on the Google map. We didn’t stop there; we’ll also send status updates to your online friends simultaneously letting them know you're out being social with our special hashtag. #imbringingsocialback

*File Management* - Keep your Music, Pictures, and important Documents in your pocket; then view them on the go whenever you need them. Want some Privacy? Set up a password protected drop for your files using our Private Share. Need to share that document with a co-worker or client, Bluegestures allows you to connect and create ad-hoc peer-to-peer networks between iPhones. With Bluegestures your data is always local. Get to it anywhere, and share it without sacrificing your privacy and online freedom!

*Private Share*- Ever been in the situation where you really needed to get someone a file but weren’t near your computer? With Bluegestures and, you now have a way to easily share tasks, documents, and other files stored on your iPhone or iPod touch with others on the web, instantly! Create and populate drops wherever you are. *Internet Connection Required*

*Status Updates* - Bluegestures uses the service to update your FaceBook, and Twitter profiles simultaneously. If you don’t have a Ping account, get one now.

Got Questions? Please visit and use the feedback tab.

Video Demo

* account is required get one here
*GPS portion of Real Friends is turned off for iPod touch.

It’s a 1.x release, meaning there may be a bug or two we haven’t found yet. We’ve had multiple testers, swapped 1000+ files, posted 100+ status updates and most importantly we hung out with “Real Friends”.

I think we’re in good shape, but you never know what will happen. We ask that if you see anything funky, or the app crashes on you, drop us a line

We’re really excited to share Bluegestures with you. Look for more features in future versions, which will further enhance how you view, what you can do, and how you communicate with your Real Friends.

Until then, follow us on or find us on for the latest news and info.

Now go make some Real Friends!

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