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“the best iPhone camera app EVER” –
Even if your UFO pictures are incredibly real, please do not try to send your UFO pictures to newspaper or broadcasting station. :)


Do you remember the UFO poster hung behind Agent Mulder’s desk from the X-Files?

UFO pictures are not only in Mulder’s office anymore, but can be anywhere now!
What a shame that Mulder and Scully couldn’t use this incredible application :(

We’d like to introduce you a fabulous application, UFO camera!
Now you can have UFO pictures as many as you can!

It is very simple!

Just simply take a picture and touch on your iPhone screen any spot where you want to place UFO in the picture! Within a second, a natural UFO picture will be created like a magic :)
Add UFO to any pictures of yours! It can be anywhere like a park near your place, downtown or sky outside of your window!
The pictures must be more realistic than Mulder’s poster!
It will be great if you share this fun with your friends! Go surprise them!
They will be stunned and totally freaked out :p
They will say your UFO pictures are better than Mulder’s!! lol

-3 kinds of UFO types (19 kinds of UFO types in GOLD Version).
-Able to choose taking a picture or Library.
-Able to choose the place of UFO by drag.
-Able to adjust the size by moving slider bar.
-Able to adjust the transparency while checking the image.
-Able to rotate the UFO by twist.
-Able to add or delete UFO.
-Able to cancel before save.
-(NEW!) Able to randomize UFOs.
-(NEW!) Add aliens and missile (It is included in "Random button")
-(NEW!) Able to choose image size (GOLD Version Only)

UFO camera Flickr Group has been opened.
Up-load and Share your unbelievable UFO pictures.

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