Triggertrap: the ultimate camera remote

Triggertrap: the ultimate camera remote

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Triggertrap - Creative ways of triggering your camera. The Triggertrap Mobile app has a heap of sensors to trigger your camera in exciting ways and a range of tools to create beautiful timelapses.

Triggertrap Mobile’s sensor modes are configurable so you can get trigger happy with your camera - any way you like! Triggertrap Mobile allows extreme exposure control, and you can push the limits of HDR photography.

IMPORTANT! Triggertrap requires the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle to connect your camera to your device! See below for details.

• "A nifty addition to any photographer’s toolkit" - Trusted Reviews
• "[Combines] the capabilities of several expensive camera accessories into a single, affordable product.” - Shutterbug

Got an Apple Watch or a Pebble Smartwatch? We've got you covered! Wearables works with five of our most popular modes: Simple Cable Release, Self Timer, Press and Lock, Timed Release, and Timelapse.

Here are all the ways you can get triggering:

Sensor modes:
• Sound sensor - clap, whistle or tap
• Vibration sensor - vibrations and earthquakes
• Motion sensor - detects movement. Catch people with their hand in the cookie jar!
• Peekaboo - facial recognition

Timelapse modes:
• Timelapse - travel through time
• TimeWarp - timelapse with acceleration
• DistanceLapse - perfect for road trips
• Bramping - bulb ramping timelapse to keep your exposure smooth
• Star Trail mode - extreme exposure control to create stunning images of the night sky

HDR modes:
• LE HDR - Long exposure HDR sets with up to 19 exposures
• LE HDR Timelapse - create timelapses with all the detail of HDR

Along with all of these, there are a variety of other cable release modes, including Simple Cable Release, Self Timer and Press and Lock options, and timed exposures up to 100 hours long! We also have a handy Solar Calculator to find out the sunrise and sunset times wherever you are, and an ND Calculator to ensure your exposures are just the right length when using neutral density filters.

To connect your iOS device to your camera buy a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle separately. See the Triggertrap website for a list of supported cameras, and for more information. Currently more than 300 camera models are supported, with support added for new cameras all the time.

Long Exposure HDR (LE-HDR) mode supports shutter speeds from several hours down to 1/15th second, and can do up to 19 bracketed shots with 1/3, 1/2, 1 or 2 EV steps.

What's New

Powered by delirious excitement, we’ve been busy on our first update to our new Wearables mode–Apple Watch triggering has landed!

We’ve created an Apple Watch app that we think is perfect for photographers, super clean and simple, and free of distractions and complications. Alongside the familiar big red button there’s an easy to use delay option that’s perfect for allowing photographers time to get in position (wherever that might be!) before the exposure starts. The Apple Watch has a whole host of great features, and we’ve got some big plans, so keep an eye out for those in future updates.

Wearables works with five of our most popular modes: Simple Cable Release, Self Timer, Press and Lock, Timed Release, and Timelapse. Simply download this update, install the Triggertrap app on your Apple Watch, and you’re set for some wrist-based triggering.

It couldn’t be easier to use; all you need to do is open Wearables and tap the red button to start, then navigate to a mode which is compatible with Wearables, and you’re ready to go! The big red button on the Apple Watch behaves just like it does in the app; you press it to start, and press it to stop!

Any feedback or suggestions? We love to hear what you think, please drop us an email to to let us know!

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